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Raised prolactin?

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LimpLettice Wed 13-Sep-17 14:00:34

Hi. Starting a separate thread to ask if anyone knows about this? I'm only on cycle 6, one CP in July but approaching my 40th this month and really low.

Some depressed googling today led me into wondering if my constantly leaking boobs (stopped BFing years ago) might be a sign of raised prolactin. I've been tested for a few thyroid issues since DD 8 years ago and always been told borderline issues and google suggests they are related.

Has anyone tried B6 for this issue, is it worth a go before I see the GP?

Betsyboo87 Wed 13-Sep-17 15:24:57

I've heard of b6 for quite a lot of cycle issues so this could also be one. I'd suggest seeing your gp though and hopefully they'll give you a blood test.

LimpLettice Wed 13-Sep-17 19:40:41

Thank you Betsy. Appointments are like hens teeth here but I will try and see someone soon. Really just struck a chord as I'd never realised prolactin could cause problems.

clairettc Thu 14-Sep-17 19:30:08

Hi, I've got a raised prolactin and waiting for it to be rechecked - doctor said it certainly could impact on fertility. I also have treated thyroid treats ( currently treated too much) with both combined im not too hopeful for this month - I'm 31, #ttc 1 unsuccessfully since August 2016.

If your thyroid is borderline that may be a problem - TSH should be <2.5 to optimise fertility. Sounds like it might be worth you chatting to the doctor x

ConfusionIsNothingNew Fri 15-Sep-17 20:57:02

I've suffered from raised prolactin with leaky boobs and it certainly impacts on fertility as it inhibits ovulation. Luckily, it's easily controlled and remedied by medication. I'd ask your gp for a blood test to find out.

Hopefulbunny Sun 17-Sep-17 18:40:03

Hi I'm 36 ttc #1 . I've had day 3 and 21 bloods done and progesterone levels showed I definitely ovulated however I have high prolactin. I'm under a consultant because I had I had an abdominal myomectomy a few months ago to remove fibroids so I will need to see what the consultant thinks about the levels. What levels are yours? I think it can be easily treated with medication so that's positive. Do you have any more information.

clairettc Mon 18-Sep-17 14:12:34

Hi @Hopefulbunny my level was 770. I've not had a day 21 progesterone but I'm confident I'm ovulating and periods are regular and luteal phase is always 14 days too.

I guess the positive is that if this is contributing it sounds treatable?

LimpLettice Mon 18-Sep-17 16:11:40

Sorry this had dropped off my 'I'm on'.

I haven't had any tests at all. It's early days for us with one definite cp and one suspected. I'm cycle 6 ttc atm, but feeling super negative at present. It's only that I wondered if the leaky breasts (had them for years) might be affecting fertility that led me to google and raised prolactin. Going to get myself off to the GP if this month is another failed cycle, as I will be 40 by the end of it.

Am unsure if they will do prolactin count / day 21 as I already have a DD.

clairettc Mon 18-Sep-17 18:00:07

I think most GPs will do the baseline investigations but it's then be up to you to find anything if problems arose. Good luck x

Hopefulbunny Sat 23-Sep-17 16:18:27

Clairettc, thank you for your reply. Your levels are pretty much same as mine.

I know I'm ovulating because of the blood tests but high prolactin can interfere with ovulation can't it? My Dr didn't think with those levels I would need medication but she did say it could impact on fertility. I will have to wait to see my consultant for a better idea , but at 36 can't wait too long!

Hope you are all okay.

Hopefulbunny Mon 13-Nov-17 13:41:13

Hi have any of you started meds for high prolactin?

Hope you are all okay.

Bubblegum89 Mon 13-Nov-17 13:51:28

limp how raised are your prolactin levels? Mine were slightly raised and I go back tomorrow to have a repeat test but I literally don’t know anything about prolactin lol

Hopefulbunny Mon 13-Nov-17 14:01:15

Bubblegum mine are in the 700's what are yours?

I'm going back to have another blood test to check how they are now.

LimpLettice Mon 13-Nov-17 14:14:47

Bubblegum I am slightly embarrassed to admit I still haven't made an appointment for any tests. I just keep putting it off.

Bubblegum89 Mon 13-Nov-17 14:39:04

hopefulbunny she said mine were in the 500’s I think, they weren’t hugely raised but they were raised enough to warrant a repeat test before we are referred to a fertility clinic.

limp tut tut haha. Tbf I put off speaking to the dr for ages because I didn’t want to have to admit to myself we probably weren’t going to be able to do this on our own. How long have you been ttc now?

LimpLettice Mon 13-Nov-17 15:11:31

Er since end of April. Which is not long, unless you’re 40, which horrors I now am. blush

Bubblegum89 Tue 14-Nov-17 09:08:55

I see. I suppose that’s not “long” but I’m pretty sure that for over 35’s it counts as long so you should maybe think about getting some tests booked ;) don’t get me wrong, it’s scary but the way I saw it was, I could ignore it and ttc for years when there could be something stopping me getting pregnant that is an easy fix (unlikely with my track record on luck lol) and so it just saves wasted time if anything. I was just looking up what prolactin is because I just had my second blood test and saw it can stop you ovulating if you have high levels. I am actually ovulating though so I’m guessing my raised level was just a fluke on the day. Good luck getting those tests booked!

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