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October Bus - More treats than tricks please!

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HolyShmoly Wed 30-Aug-17 19:03:34

I'm off the September Bus before it even leaves the station and thanks to my longer cycle I thought I'd start the October page.

TTC #1
Cycle #3
BFP due October 4th

Steaksauce Wed 30-Aug-17 21:51:01

I'm not sure if I should be on this or not. AF due tomorrow and after that is due 29th Oct (my AF straddles months so I get confused) but place holding here as 99% sure I'm out this month
TTC #1
Cycle #3

Sictransitgloria Wed 30-Aug-17 22:56:09

Ooo same @steaksauce ! Also : TTC #1 cycle 3 for me.

Already getting the 'ump with ttc.

AJ89 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:05:44

Yes! First post on here and yes TTC #1, cycle 1....

Melodypond17 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:12:28

Bookmarking in case I need to jump on... x

HolyShmoly Wed 30-Aug-17 23:31:29

Hopefully I don't see too many on here as you'll get your BFP this month!
I'm planning on a couple relaxing days, but I've ordered a BBT thermometer and the Baby Making Bible book (I think that's what it's called.)
I've looked at prices for acupuncture but it's pretty expensive - £50 for initial consult, then £40 for each session. DH seems keen, but I'm in two minds about whether it's very early to start yet. He's away with work until tomorrow night so we'll discuss it at the weekend.

Sictransitgloria Thu 31-Aug-17 07:40:09

I have AF cramps so defo on the October train. Relaxing days sound nice @holyshmoly I've never tried acupuncture

Steaksauce Thu 31-Aug-17 07:48:06

Obvs I meant next AF due 29th SEPTEMBER not Oct hmm

What does acupuncture do?

Weird question, is anyone else takin folic acid already? I read it's best to build it up in your system before actually conceiving. All fine but it makes my knuckle joints hurt. Is this happening for anyone else?

Steaksauce Thu 31-Aug-17 07:49:29

@Sictransitgloria haha good to see someone on the same page of the same book!

Steaksauce Thu 31-Aug-17 07:49:52

@AJ89 welcome smile

HolyShmoly Thu 31-Aug-17 08:08:21

I'm not exactly sure what it does but I've seen that a lot of people get it during IVF to help and there seems to be a lot of success stories online.
I'm just very impatient!
I started taking a multivitamin that contained folic acid around Christmas as I knew we'd probably start trying this year. Ideally you should take it for 3 months before conception I think. I haven't noticed any side effects though.

Fia256 Fri 01-Sep-17 09:16:08

I'm just going to go ahead and hop on this bus!

Waiting for chemical pregnancy to start bleeding, hoping in the next day or so as now having fully negative tests!

Here's hoping this is a lucky month for us all

HolyShmoly Fri 01-Sep-17 09:28:14

Fia I've seen what's been going on with you. Hopefully this month will be a lot better for you.

Fia256 Fri 01-Sep-17 10:13:55

Thankyou @HolyShmoly

I have now started bleeding and I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally be out of limbo!!

So here we go again, 1st of September, new month, new hope! This will now be cycle #3 since my late miscarriage in June xx

Sictransitgloria Sun 03-Sep-17 21:08:41

Officially on this bus. AF decided to show this evening 4 days late (6 days late if it was my normal 28 day cycle). Feeling cross but can't do anything about it but try again I suppose 😑

MacDJ Mon 04-Sep-17 14:09:53

Hi joining the October bus

TTC #4
Cycle #11
Age 28
BFP due 6/10/17

SeaBridge Mon 04-Sep-17 14:26:11

Hopping on board.

Age: 33
Cycle 2

Stopped the Pill on 19 July, ovulated on 25 August, AF took her time to turn up (39 loooong days) but has now cleared off so it's all go!

LovePinaColada Mon 04-Sep-17 14:57:18

Hoping on the October Bus for hopefully a short stay! BFP due 8th October!

Age: 28
TTC: #1
Cycle: 4

WomanUndercover Mon 04-Sep-17 16:23:45

Hopping aboard

Age: 34
TTC: #1
Cycle: 2 (first one using paraphernalia and not guesswork)

Presh12345 Mon 04-Sep-17 18:21:23

I'll jump on this bus!! AF here now so DTD all next week and hoping I'll be on the October bus!
TTC #1
38 (39 in three weeks)
MMC June at 9 weeks

lindypops33 Mon 04-Sep-17 22:43:11

I'm gonna hop on if ok? I'm gonna be taking a test in 2 weeks but I am 99.9% sure it will be BFN as I will only have been off BC for 4 weeks and I am not that lucky! So fingers crossed for Oct for everyone!! Xx

Aph413 Tue 05-Sep-17 11:22:58

I've also joined the September bus but I'm not hopeful so I'm joining here too so I can get some support since so have no idea what I'm doing.
Coil was removed 31st August. Ive been using my cramps as a timing method because I got them every month during coil usage when my period was due which means in theory.
Cycle #1
TTC #1
Age 26
AF due 26/9. Maybe

I've got clear blue digital ovulation tests that told me to start testing today and they are showing as high. No idea if this is the after effects of the coil or correct.

Sorry for the long post

MegEmski Tue 05-Sep-17 16:29:51

I am on the bus smile

TTC #1
Cycle 2
30 (almost 31, sob)
A/F due 04/10

will be on holiday in a safari lodge when ovulating. So fingers crossed...would be amazing place to conceive!

currently sat here grumpy with period cramps. Posted a seperate thread about conceiving with light periods after a few things I have read. Mine only last 2 days.

Hoping everyone has a positive month

HolyShmoly Tue 05-Sep-17 19:40:58

Welcome everyone!

MegEmski, I'm not sure if I posted on your light period thread as I'm a bit concerned about this myself. I have pretty poor circulation and think it might be a problem too.

lindypops33 Tue 05-Sep-17 20:47:24

Hey all! I caved today and POAS just for good measure!! BFN of course! 😒

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