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Early ovulation and long luteal...

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Hulaballoo Mon 28-Aug-17 08:30:45

Anyone else the same? I normally ovulate early around Cd 9-10 and af about cd26-29... Although last month cd32 Is there anything I can do to ovulate a little later? I think it's messing up ttc, maybe egg/ condition not ready enough by then?

MouseLove Mon 28-Aug-17 12:37:20

I think you are right to think that. Eggs usually need the full 12-14 days to plump up. I think there's articles on the natural fertility website that could help. Some people take supplements. I have the opposite problem in that I ovulate late and have a very short cycle of 25 days. Annoying.

Hulaballoo Mon 28-Aug-17 14:30:42

Thank you, never heard of that website so will definitely check it out. Af arrived today.😥 on the plus it's a 27 day cycle ... Getting lower. Gutted but will keep going.

JoJoSM2 Mon 28-Aug-17 20:58:06

I think that works in your favour if you've got a long luteal phase - that makes it easier to conceive. I'm also not to sure that you could possibly release eggs before their ready.

Crazycatlady83 Mon 28-Aug-17 21:00:39

I have this - ovulation at day 10 and have a cycle between 25 / 27 days. I didn't know this could be a problem. I got pregnant on my first cycle TTC - good luck!

Hulaballoo Tue 29-Aug-17 08:22:46

Thanks @MouseLove that website has been super helpful. There's a great article about it. 👍😁

littlemimosa Tue 29-Aug-17 13:32:04

Hi all. I also have this. Not every single month, some months I'm more like day 14 but more often than not I ovulate around day 10-11. Today is CD10 and I just started with EWCM this morning so I expect I'm due to ovulate later today or tomorrow. I don't know if it's an issue or not when ttc but I am on cycle 7 or 8 now. I am 41 though. But I do have 2DC who were conceived fairly easily.
My cycles are still 28-30 days though which makes the 2ww so long! Not fun. The other issue is we sometimes miss ovulation as it almost takes me by surprise as it's so soon after AF!
Has anyone tried anything to delay ovulation?

Hulaballoo Wed 30-Aug-17 08:10:21

Hey @littlemimosa I've been reading the articles on the website given above and they make a lot of sense. The egg isn't at its peak so early on...I think by diet changes it can help delay ovulation ... Stress was a big cause, cortisol etc to cause early ovulation.. Triggers hormones to release egg early. Also lack of blood flow .. So more exercise and diet changes no alcohol/caffeine/sugar. As we're older egg health is key. Recommend their egg health checklist, it's free to download. I'm also adding new supplements... Royal jelly 500mg, evening primrose 1300 and ubiquinol 400.

littlemimosa Wed 30-Aug-17 09:28:49

@hulaballoo hi and thanks so much for all the advice.
I started taking ubiquinol a few months ago but only at 200mg so will increase that. Have also been taking EPO but again a low dose compared to what you say. Need to rethink these.
Interesting you say about blood flow as I've just started acupuncture and she said it really helps with that. I already do a decent amount of exercise 3-4 times a week which is a push with my two rug rats around my ankles;)
How about you? ARe you making any changes?
CD11 today for me and in full flow of ovulation. Dtd this morning and will do again tomorrow but then I think that'll be it for this month. Where are you at this month? How long have you been ttc?

bloomingheather Wed 30-Aug-17 11:13:20

Hi, I have had almost exactly the same thing for about a year now. I have been ovulating early, around day 9-11 but my cycle length is usually still between 26-28 days. As you said littlemimosa it makes the 2ww feel almost interminable and I have missed my fertile time a few times because it seemed to happen straight after my period.
I turned 40 a few months ago and we have been ttc for over a year so this has really been worrying me. I saw my GP a few months ago and day 21 progesterone was absolutely fine. I've also started acupuncture and have been around 4 times. It has made a difference and ovulation has moved slightly to around day 12 last cycle, and my cycle length shortened by about a day which seemed to be balancing things out.
However, this month, things seem to be really different - I've been using OPK's since day 8 and it's now day 13 and nothing - not even a flashing smiley! So, I've either ovulated very early or maybe not going to ovulate at all? It's really worrying me. Or acupuncture is powerful stuff and I'm going to ovulate really let this month (for the first time I can remember!).

bloomingheather Wed 30-Aug-17 11:14:00

late not let!!

littlemimosa Wed 30-Aug-17 20:26:04

Hi heather, don't panic just yet, acupuncture has probably just affected things. I do still have the odd month too where I ovulate on day 14/15. CD 11 this month.
Are you going to stick with the acupuncture? How often do you go? Have you made any other diet or lifestyle changes since ttc? Do you have any other children? Sorry for lots of questions!
Am quite glad to have found this thread as I felt quite alone with my early ovulation, would be interested to see if anyone else comes forward with the same thing....anyone?

roseandtime Wed 30-Aug-17 20:30:44

I'm also now ovulating on CD10 I think, with a short cycle of roughly 24 days. But this is after my first baby, and also still bfing - DD is 18m. I used to have a regular 29 day cycle and a midway ovulation. Hoping to try some diet changes and reduce stress to see if that helps push it back by a day or two, or try to wean the beast!

bloomingheather Wed 30-Aug-17 21:52:10

I feel exactly the same mimosa. I was so glad to see this thread today because when I looked before, I could only ever see information on late ovulation or short luteal phases and could never see anything on early ovulation. It's really been bothering me. I don't have any children - ttc#1. I have always wanted to have children - it just took me aaaaages to meet my partner!!!! And now I sometimes fear it's too late, but hopefully not.

I think I'll stick with acupuncture for another few sessions yet. I started going in July and have had 4 sessions up to now, roughly every 2-3 weeks. I think that the acupuncturist might have preferred me to go more frequently at the start but I have just changed jobs to work more on my own and will be earning less for a while until it picks up so couldn't really afford it although am trying to prioritise it. She seemed to think that stress may have been playing a part (I was teaching full time when I first went and was under a lot of stress). It is very relaxing and has made a difference to my cycles so will give it a chance for a bit longer! I'm just a bit worried it's catapulted me into early menopause or something but that's just the 'never going to conceive' fear talking I think smile
The only other lifestyle change I have made is to cut out on caffeine although I had to do that for other medical reasons too (unrelated to ttc), so it made sense. I only ever drink herbal tea and only usually had 1 cup of coffee a day anyway.

I am now also trying to cut down on alcohol at weekends - that makes me sound like a reckless drinker, (I'm not!) but dp likes a drink and I do tend to have a few glasses of wine. I have a fairly good diet (am pescetarian, eat lots of fish and try to eat wholegrains, cook from fresh where possible etc) and don't smoke.
I started taking Pregnacare Pre-Conception vitamins last month too. I was becoming bamboozled by all the vitamins and supplements that I see on here and had tried Maca powder in the past, but it was too fiddly and inconvenient for me so just went with what I hope is a good quality multi-vitamin.

littlemimosa Wed 30-Aug-17 22:49:45

Rose - how often is your DD feeding per day? When did your period come back? I know lots of people do fall pregnant whilst bfeeding but I know I never felt like my cycles were fully back to normal until I stopped altogether. Tricky situation.

Heather - I hear you. I have those menopause fears too. I honestly think acupuncture wouldn't do that tho. There's nothing but positive evidence towards fertility (anecdotal or otherwise). Also I don't think you suddenly go into menopause. It's got to be a (sadly) long gradual process.
And yes it is expensive! Mine asked me to go every week for the first month. I'm going to be bankrupt what with the eye-wateringly expensive vitamins I'm on (Wild Nutrition), the ubiquinol, the reflexology, the opks, the lube, the organic food, plus the acupuncture lol.

littlemimosa Fri 20-Oct-17 11:06:24

Just resurrecting this thread to see how everyone is getting on..
Hope you've all moved over to the pregnancy boards...

Still here and still ttcsad my cycles have been really good since starting acupuncture. Been ovulating a bit later which i was really pleased about but them this month had the oddest DAY 4-6 EWCM and ovulation symptoms! I'd barely stopped AF and it seemed i was ovulating. Am gutted. This also happened back in march too. It has to be my age (41) so i just feel time is running out fast. Feeling pretty low.

Anyone got any good news??

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