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My period has arrived 6 days early!!

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babysunshine20 Tue 22-Aug-17 19:00:20

This is our second month of trying for our second baby. My period arrived this morning well 6 days early. Is this normal to anyone else? Has it happened to anyone else?

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holzyb20 Tue 22-Aug-17 21:04:38

Is it as heavy as a period? Could it be implantation bleeding?

babysunshine20 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:18:27

It's now finished. Lasted 2 full days. Very strange. No cramps or pain either.

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bananafanana1 Wed 23-Aug-17 23:00:04

confused I haven't a clue- only thing I can think of is implantation bleeding but two days is a long time. ....maybe do a test in a few days? Sorry not very helpful

AlexsMum89 Wed 23-Aug-17 23:54:48

I have a theory that TTC messes our cycles up. Lots of people on here get weird things when TTC after normally being like clockwork

anothernameinnit Wed 23-Aug-17 23:57:34

I think that too Alexs!

Cherrytart6 Wed 23-Aug-17 23:59:22

Was it light?

Jedimum1 Thu 24-Aug-17 00:02:30

It could be implantation bleeding. I thought it was a period and also lasted 2-3 days. I definitely needed pads, in plural. Give it 5 days and test just in case. Or it could be failed implantation. I would definitely recommend ovulation sticks, eBay are fine. Get to know exactly when you ovulate. They send you a chart and a digital thermometer with some, I got that and managed to get pregnant quite quickly after months and months of trying. I discovered that I didn't ovulate in day 14, which would mean TTC on days 11-15 (counting from first day of last period). Instead, I ovulated on day 17-18, which meant I should had been TTC on days 14-19. I was giving myself a 1 Day window every month. Once I figured this out, I went for the days required and it happened quite quickly. I also had a short lutean phase (from ovulation to period), so the egg needed to implant really quickly or my period would start before it reaches the uterus. Both times I had "short periods" before having my positive.

babysunshine20 Thu 24-Aug-17 18:22:11

Did a test and got a positive!!!!!!!
so I'm hoping it was implantation? Will take another test in a weeks time to see what happens x

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bananafanana1 Thu 24-Aug-17 18:50:03

Yey! High five girl ! Whoop!

AlexsMum89 Thu 24-Aug-17 19:19:49

Congratulations @babysunshine20 !!! So pleased for you!

babysunshine20 Fri 25-Aug-17 12:35:38

This is my test. Would you say it's a positive or an evaporation line? Thank you

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McTufty Fri 25-Aug-17 12:50:38

Can't see a picture!

babysunshine20 Fri 25-Aug-17 14:15:05

I don't know how to upload a photo. Help people Please!!!x

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ShowOfHands Fri 25-Aug-17 14:16:54

Click on the paperclip.

LorLorr2 Fri 25-Aug-17 14:16:55

Are you on the mobile site? If so press the paperclip below the box that you write your message in x

babysunshine20 Fri 25-Aug-17 19:48:19

It's ok everyone, I dont need to upload a photo anymore Yes I'm on the mobile app site. Thank you everyone, we are so happy!!! Can't believe it. I was just shocked as I was bleeding on the Tuesday. So i am hoping that it was implantation bleeding.Decided to take a Clear blue test and it said PREGNANT. Still can't believe it. I am still worried in case it could still be a chemical pregnancy.

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LorLorr2 Fri 25-Aug-17 20:13:44

Congrats!! That's a very nice answer to your issue!! grinflowers

Jedimum1 Sat 26-Aug-17 18:30:50

I had the same, 2-3 days of bleeding actually! Congratulations!

BethJ34 Sun 17-Sep-17 15:07:24

I'm also 6 days early on my period but I don't think it's as heavy so far it's lasted 2 days.. had ovary pain yesterday in the morning and a tiny bit cramp? Am I pregnant or not? Don't want to take a test as it may be to early..

Mumof3cheeky Sun 17-Sep-17 19:45:25

If it's implantation bleeding and it has finished your hormone level should start to rise within 24-48hrs so you could try and test. Good luck x

Jadepearsall83 Sun 15-Jul-18 10:50:54

So me and my partner did artificial insemination on a positive ovalating day my period is not due for another 6 days and I've just started bleeding this morning could it be my actual period as I've never been this early am confused

Khaleesi16101999 Mon 30-Jul-18 18:13:12

Hi everyone, I started my period 6 days early and for the past week I have been constipated, (I have IBS and I'm never usually constipated) and when I d eventually do a number 2 it hurts my abdominals. I've had cramps and I've had insomnia. Help

EmmaC78 Mon 30-Jul-18 18:19:29

Khaleesi you might want to start a new thread instead of adding to the end of someone else's smile

Jenmid03 Thu 06-Jun-19 07:46:13

Hi everyone
My period is not due until 6days time and my period started last night. Am having a little cramping and constantly going to the toilet during the night to wee. It's my period started or is just an implantations bleeding? Please help

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