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Cd23 anyone?

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HappyCrazyTired Wed 09-Aug-17 20:25:32

Anyone else ttc round cd23 want to do the tww with me?

holzyb20 Wed 09-Aug-17 21:11:21

Hi I'm Cd18 your a few days ahead of me but I'm definitely looking for some TWW buddies feel like I'm going mad already!

Myalterego1 Wed 09-Aug-17 21:21:10

Hi I'm cd 23 too and this waiting is a killer ttc so tubal reversal in January 😏

HappyCrazyTired Wed 09-Aug-17 21:35:37

How long have you all been trying,it's been a year for me so have almost given up hope. I'm a bit of an oldie at 42 so know it's a long shot for me anyway.

holzyb20 Wed 09-Aug-17 21:38:10

If been trying for 3 1/2 years 😣 tried for 3 with no help finally went to the doctors and was diagnosed with pcos I was started on Clomid this is my 2nd round and really hoping for my bfp this month! X

HappyCrazyTired Wed 09-Aug-17 21:43:40

Will keep everything crossed for you that this is your month. I've got other children 24,22,12 & 7 so we've decided if it happens it's meant to be if it doesn't then it's not but part of me has been tempted to go to see the doctors to see if I can get help.

Myalterego1 Thu 10-Aug-17 10:17:41

Ttc since* tubal reversal in January also my second month of clomid really wishing this is our month spent ages convincing myself not to test this am as know it's to early but the not knowing is driving me mad

Crazycatlady80 Thu 10-Aug-17 10:39:48

Hi all
I'm on CD20 and just starting the 2 week wait. DTD for the last 5 days so hoping to get my BFP. This is only my first proper month trying since stopping the pill in June. Already have a 14mo DS and took 3 cycles to conceive last time

HappyCrazyTired Sun 13-Aug-17 09:04:26

How is everyone,has anyone dared test yet? I usually get sore boobs the week before I start but have had backache this time instead and sticky cm (sorry tmi!) rather than being dry. I know it will be all in my head like every month but I hope some of you have had good news 🤞🏻 xx

Myalterego1 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:23:51

I had ordered cheap tests online which arrived Friday afternoon ( I had only 1 cheap one at home so was saving it ) so as u can see I've tested every day this wkend because if u have tests how could you not 😏I think these are positive was so excited to see line fri now I'm panicking as line not getting much darker I'm cd27 today of normal 28 day cycles

HappyCrazyTired Sun 13-Aug-17 09:35:00

There's definitely a line so it must be a bfp!! I've never had a second line without. Maybe splash out on a more expensive brand to calm your nerves. Congratulations grinxxx

Myalterego1 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:37:32

Going to town today with my children so if I can manage to pick one up without them seeing I plan too hmm

Bugsbubby Sun 13-Aug-17 11:01:26

Hi, can I join? Never posted before but getting myself in a state over waiting... I'm on CD30, cycle is usually between 30-34 days after coming off the pill after 15 years. Been trying for a year now and really thought this monthswas it - had pains in my lower stomach over the last few days (I don't usually get period pains until my period is heavy) and had an awful taste in my mouth... Hoping you can keep me sane!

HappyCrazyTired Sun 13-Aug-17 12:14:17

Haha I've done the trying to sneak tests in the basket thing with my kids,have resorted to putting them on my online asda shopping because you can guarantee no one will help unpack it grin.

Happy to have another member in our little group,fingers crossed some of us get some bfp's soon..

HappyCrazyTired Sun 13-Aug-17 16:06:38

Bugsbubby I don't usually get backache until just before my af starts. It's usually my cue to go to the bathroom and put a pad in. Have had it for 2 days now.

Bugsbubby Sun 13-Aug-17 16:53:12

I'm just trying to resist testing... will try and give it until Wednesday. It's the taste that's more annoying, people have said that it can be like having sucked a penny, a metallic taste, but don't know if now I'm just imagining it!

Fingers crossed for you 🤞 sounds like you are having symptoms too! 😀

Myalterego1 - any luck with another test?

Florence16 Sun 13-Aug-17 18:16:40

Can I join too? CD21, but had to go to Out of Hours yesterday and I've got a kidney infection so I feel like that will have mucked this month up for me sad also worried about recurrent infections now too, doh!

HappyCrazyTired Sun 13-Aug-17 19:31:13

Always room for more,sorry to hear about your kidney infection I know how much they can hurt. No doubt I'll still be here for next month if things don't work for you this time. Would be nice to have some company x

Florence16 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:45:25

I definitely feel like I'll be company on these boards for a while..! I'm actually doing OK this TWW, I think I've mentally written it off so much that I'm not as stressed about it as I was. Last month was also my first proper period off the pill too so I was a bit worried in case things didn't go back to normal very quickly.

I'm 25 and my DH is 28. So we've got time, but I think I only want the one and would rather do it now. Life just seems to get in the way of everything, so we've decided to crack on whilst we can. And naturally I'm now rather obsessive about it all despite being a bit more laid back this month.

How are you ladies doing?

holzyb20 Mon 14-Aug-17 15:59:53

Hi how is everyone? The TTW is actually driving me crazy this month 😣 x

HappyCrazyTired Mon 14-Aug-17 16:07:52

I'm a bit of an oldie compared to you then,I'm 42 and my partner is 36. My last two children were conceived the first month trying so after 14 months I'm thinking my time maybe up. I'm due to start af tomorrow according to my tracker app and I've got a heavy feeling in my lower back so I'm pretty sure she's on her way. I don't stres anymore either that's why I don't test anymore x

Bugsbubby Mon 14-Aug-17 16:27:23

I'm 31, oh 34, and been trying for over a year now, but with a few breaks in between to allow for holidays... I swore at the beginning that I didn't want to obsess, didn't want to take ovulation tests or body temperatures and that we would just let it happen but starting to feel like I should be now. I track my period and fertile window using the Ovia app which seems to be ok but worry that maybe it isn't accurate? Anyone try any others?

HappyCrazyTired Mon 14-Aug-17 16:54:23

I just use period tracker so I'm interested in any a better apps out there too smile

Florence16 Mon 14-Aug-17 17:34:41

I like Ovia it 'feels' like a well rounded app but how good it actually is I don't know! I did OPKs this month which was interesting. Made my fertile window sooner than Ovia otherwise predicted.

I think I am off testing already! Unless it's the day after AF is due I won't be doing it, or so I say..! Let's see how long I last grin

HappyTiredCrazy hopefully not, I know soooooooo many people that have had surprise pregnancies in their 40's because they thought they were past that stage in their life too but it turns out not.

Definitely liking the more chilled out vibe I'm getting on this thread though, I find it so easy to get all stressed on this board sometimes but this thread feels a bit calmer.

Bugsbubby Mon 14-Aug-17 20:57:58

Yes I'm needing calm too! smile

If I buy some opks next month how many do I need is it something that you do every day? I wonder if the app has my window slightly out especially as my cycles are so long....

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