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Is this positive?

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chasersky Wed 09-Aug-17 06:39:37

It might just be wishful thinking but is there a faint second line?

Vanannabananna Wed 09-Aug-17 06:42:22

I can see a line! Congratulations!

MouseLove Wed 09-Aug-17 07:48:34

I can not see a line, sorry. X

Sunshinesaz86 Wed 09-Aug-17 07:52:20

I can see a shadow of a line on the right one but it's so very faint.

I do hope it's a positive for you x

AmiShaw Wed 09-Aug-17 08:03:41

I see it !

Waitingonasmile Wed 09-Aug-17 08:06:58

I can't see a line yet. How long until your period would be due?

OhWifey Wed 09-Aug-17 08:11:21

Definitely! Congratulations!

demirose87 Wed 09-Aug-17 08:27:27

I can't sorry do you have a normal pic?

LouLouB1987 Wed 09-Aug-17 08:43:24

I see one on the right picture. Very faint. Good luck flowers

emvy Wed 09-Aug-17 09:07:30

I see one on the normal image - congratulations!

GreenDill Wed 09-Aug-17 09:13:38

I can see a line on the normal picture!

chasersky Wed 09-Aug-17 10:00:56

Thank you ladies! It's REALLY faint so I'm trying to not get too excited but fingers crossed smile

Period isn't due until Saturday but I've been feeling nauseous all week so thought I'd give it a go and voila! Thinking of getting a pink FRER and having another go in the morning?

emvy Wed 09-Aug-17 10:32:47

FRER is always a good idea smile

firsttime17 Wed 09-Aug-17 11:45:57

Mine looked like this when I was 3 days late for my period, I then done a clear blue digital 5 days after and it said 2-3 weeks pregnant! Good luck x

Bananamama1213 Wed 09-Aug-17 12:05:02

I say yes! Congratulations 😊

I'm now 6wk3 with my third!

Poptart4 Wed 09-Aug-17 15:40:18

I can't see a line but you af is not due till Sat, so maybe if there is a line it will be stronger by then. Keep us posted smile love seeing bfp

BumWad Wed 09-Aug-17 15:42:42

I can see a line smile

iwishiwasrichandthin Wed 09-Aug-17 15:53:42

Mine looked like that.

Dd is nearly 4 now


lampert Wed 09-Aug-17 19:41:00

Looks like a line to me! Wahooo! Congratulations

chasersky Thu 10-Aug-17 06:29:28

Update from this morning, did another clear blue test (couldn't get a pink FRER anywhere!) and it's the same faint blue line! Going to hold off testing until the weekend when af is due, fingers crossed smile

Waitingonasmile Thu 10-Aug-17 08:58:22

I really hope this is your BFP starting, but I would try and do another type of test soon. I have found clear blue terrible for giving shadows even when it's no BFP and seems to happen a lot on here. Fingers crossed for you.

MrsMamaG2016 Thu 10-Aug-17 10:09:54

I can't see anything sorry op x

WhingingTulip Thu 10-Aug-17 10:19:44

I can see lines on both of the normal pictures. 😊

Bananamama1213 Fri 11-Aug-17 18:45:14

My positive looked like those! I'm 6 weeks now 😊

chasersky Tue 15-Aug-17 14:43:52

Update! Cycle day 31 and 17dpo, getting the same result, thinking of going to my Drs and getting a blood test to confirm?

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