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September Bus

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juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 08:44:37

Tentatively joining this bus...

Age: 32
TTC: #1
Cycle: #10 (ugh!)
BFP due: 2nd September

passmethewine123 Wed 02-Aug-17 13:55:10

Think I will be joining you shortly sad

TTC #1
Cycle 8
Age 27

Recently had results back from 21 day progesterone test and they weren't great, so not feeling hopeful at all about the august bus anymore

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 14:02:34

Oh no, what did they come back at?

passmethewine123 Wed 02-Aug-17 14:08:53

18 😒

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 14:11:34

Argh! Did they offer any advice? :S

passmethewine123 Wed 02-Aug-17 15:35:21

Not yet, I got my results online and the nearest appointment I could get with the gp who's been dealing with it is the 24th 😭

LovePinaColada Wed 02-Aug-17 17:08:17

Joining the September Bus!

Age: 28
TTC: #1
Cycle: #3
BFP due: 4th September

Sending baby dust to all! ⭐️

MacDj Wed 02-Aug-17 17:16:50

Think I'll just pop myself in here too!

Age : 28
Ttc : #4
Cycle : 10

Due af in 4 days but think I've missed the August bus

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 17:55:11

Welcome lovelies, by looks of our cycles we are all old hats this! sad

passmethewine123 Wed 02-Aug-17 17:58:36

I'm going in to this month with a new plan of attack. I've bought some Soy Isoflavones and Vitamin B6, the former to try and make sure I'm ovulating well and producing a decent egg, and the former to try and help increase my progesterone and lengthen my luteal phase which at the moment is only 11 days.
It'll probably all end up being a waste of money but I think it helps me to feel like I've got something new to try

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 18:03:30

Also made the September spreadsheet

x x Our Speadsheet x x

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 18:06:43

Sounds good @passmethewine123

I have no plans to try any thing new... a kind mumsnetter sent me some clomid before in April but I'm too scared to try it in case it fucks up my otherwise normal cycles confused

passmethewine123 Wed 02-Aug-17 18:19:50

TBH I'm a little worried about trying my supplements for fear for fucking things up but the way I see it is nothing's worked for the last 7 months...and nothing ventured nothing gained all that! If it's a major balls up I'll just stop taking them and chalk it up to experience x

MacDj Wed 02-Aug-17 18:21:41

Juney, I'd give it a go, it's not supposed to mess up cycles just encourage ovulation, I have PCOS and am on Metformin to help me ovulate xx

leahmegs Wed 02-Aug-17 18:48:49

I think I'm on the September bus too now as I'm sure AF is attempting to make an appearance, was 5 days late this morning the then brown spotting started. I've had a day of really light flow not even enough for a pad to take much damage, but I know she's gunna come in full force! The cramps have been on and off all day!

TTC #1
Age 30
Cycle #2 (Of proper trying)

Good luck everyone smile

pixieinlove Wed 02-Aug-17 18:56:43

Right I'm reluctantly marking my spot as I got a BFN this morning. sad

TTC #3
Age: 39 (feeling old)
Cycle: 2

pixieinlove Wed 02-Aug-17 18:57:00

Baby dust to you all!

leahmegs Wed 02-Aug-17 19:01:20

Forgot to add lol
BFP 26th September

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 19:16:10

Blimey @leahmegs do you mean 26th August or do you have extremely long cycles?!

leahmegs Wed 02-Aug-17 19:17:38

Haha it's been a long emotional day definitely the 26th August grin

pixieinlove Wed 02-Aug-17 20:25:52

Hoping a BFP : 2nd Sept

leahmegs Wed 02-Aug-17 21:19:18

Sorry @juneybean just updates my apps and Ovia has said AF is due 30th and Flo is saying 2nd, obviously ovulation window hasn't been hit yet so maybe best to delete my BFP. I'm still getting used to this all as this my my second cycle and feeling I've got a lot to learn confused

CoconutGal Wed 02-Aug-17 22:26:39

Hopping aboard!

Age: 26
Cycle: 8.

Sending luck to everyone!

Mrsjones17 Wed 02-Aug-17 23:15:52

Can I jump aboard please?

Going for a new approach this month. No temping no opk just using app and cm to roughly see when ov is and DTD every other day in the window. Not knowing exactly when I ov might help with not obsessing with dpo etc. When using opk found DH was less enthusiastic as he would out it off until static smiley etc so no opk this month. (his idea). Also booking holidays in December no matter what!

juneybean Wed 02-Aug-17 23:32:21

No worries Leah haha I'll update tomorrow. Just got home from a pub quiz which we very nearly won! Lost at the tie breaker at the end!!

I've got some weird stringy white discharge and no spotting before AF yet... Not sure whether to POAS tomorrow or see what my temp does ... Sick of getting my hopes up again

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