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Period 2 days late negative pregnancy test.

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1105ania Mon 31-Jul-17 12:50:27

My periods are very regular and now it is 2 days late. I have been very tired, eat a lot more and pee more often but I got a negative test. What should I do?❤️

zaraaubrie Mon 31-Jul-17 13:05:22

I've posted a similar post a few days ago. I'm now 6 days and had negative tests.
Very frustrating so I know how you're feeling. Me and hubbie were hoping to try again at the end of this week but that won't be happening, not when I'm apparantly not pregnant but my period is 6 days late.

I would wait a few days and re test. Hard to wait though, I know.

MrsRonBurgundy Mon 31-Jul-17 13:15:51

I'm now 16 days late and still negative tests! Most frustrating when actively TTC as I'm not sure if I've just skipped a period, am I pregnant but just not showing on tests (apparently that can happen?!) or just a ridiculously long cycle?
Usually regular as clockwork!

I think all we can do it wait!

zaraaubrie Mon 31-Jul-17 14:11:16

I've been doing lots of reading up on it and I mean lots as it's constantly on my mind.
There's a few reasons, late implantation, late ovualtion, eptopic Pregnancy, missed or late period and missed ovulation altogether. That's just a few. I have read many stories of ladies being pregnant, even after negative bloods. I've also read about some ladies who are pregnant and end up miscarrying.

If you're 16 days late, I would recommend going to see your doctor. Have bloods done and tests to check everything is ok. Most of the things I have read, all the woman day their periods are like clockwork and but haven't been stressed, yet most do eventually get their period. Hormone levels should double every couple of days.
I would book in and see your doctor, better to be safe.

MrsRonBurgundy Mon 31-Jul-17 22:17:53

Thanks Zara, and OP for the direct message.

I have called Drs who are seeing me this week. Which is good as usually a 2-3 week wait for an appointment but when I told receptionist why I wanted appt she fit me in for the week which is great.

Fingers crossed for you both

zaraaubrie Tue 01-Aug-17 10:42:57

Keep us posted and hope all is OK. Best to get these things checked out.
I'm waiting until Friday and if I test negative and I still haven't had my period, I am going to book in to the doctors too.

MrsRonBurgundy Wed 02-Aug-17 15:11:41

Thought I'd reply to let you know how I got on at Drs.
He essentially said to take another pregnancy test in 2 weeks. He also said it could be a missed period due to other factors such as stress and that they generally wouldn't be concerned unless I missed 3.
So just waiting it out for now!

I hope you ladies get a conclusion soon! X

zaraaubrie Wed 02-Aug-17 15:28:09

I wonder why he wants you to wait 2 weeks until you take another test? Did he say?

The waiting game is awful isn't it.

I'm 8 days late today and waiting until Friday to test when I will be 10 days late. Keep checking every time I use he bathroom. Constantly on my mind and dreading taking the test as we are both getting our hopes up. It's hard 😪

MrsRonBurgundy Wed 02-Aug-17 15:57:01

I think he's pretty convinced that I'm not pregnant if the tests are coming up negative but just to do another one to be on safe side? He said if 3 were missed, he'd send me for an ultrasound.

Good luck with testing this week! Fingers crossed for you.

zaraaubrie Wed 02-Aug-17 16:21:21

Fingers crossed for you too. I've been quite nauseous this week and I don't know if that's in my head, convincing myself I am pregnant, or morning sickness. Had terrible diarrhoea too (sorry TMI) for 4 days. I never had that in my pregnancy but did have sickness from the very beginning to 16ish weeks.

I think I would be happy either way to get AF or a positive result (obviously way more so if I was pregnant), I just hate uncertainty.

rachelandthenoodle Wed 02-Aug-17 16:44:30

@zaraaubrie hi ladies, do you mind if I ask: what brand/type of tests are you using? I am also now several days late, and getting negatives on my cheapie internet-bought strips and I've just been to read some Amazon reviews about them and realise there are several comments about getting negatives on that but they getting bfp on another brand...I'm thinking of splurging on a proper brand...thoughts? Or am I just kidding myself?

zaraaubrie Wed 02-Aug-17 16:47:46

Ive used Tesco cheapo ones, clearblue digital and clearblue window one. All negative.
If going to buy a first response test tomorrow and test Friday morning. If that's negative, I am going to go to the doctors and see what's going on.

It's awful this wait isn't it 😪

zaraaubrie Thu 03-Aug-17 07:09:40

I started getting period pains last night and had a slight pink tinge when using the bathroom. All the signs of my period. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I slept like a baby last night. Woke up and AF has arrived very light. My body is already feeling so much better. I still feel really nauseous which is odd.
I've told my husband that I don't to try again this month, I want to track my cycle and see when I am ovulating and wait to see if my period comes on time next month. Then if it does, we will try again the month after. I do feel a little dispppointed but it was our first month trying so I not overly upset, I thought I would be. I think I am just so relieved as I had convinced myself I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

Fingers crossed for you two ladies.

Keep me posted, really interested to see how you both get on.

rachelandthenoodle Thu 03-Aug-17 07:45:25

@zaraaubrie thanks so much for updating us. I'm glad AF came (well, obviously sorry you're not pg but at least the waiting is over!).

I had convinced myself yesterday that maybe my cheapie pg test strips were faulty (lots of reviews on Amazon suggest this was possible, and it's frankly what I wanted to believe, so..), so I took a CB test when I got home last night and that was negative too.

So then i started convincing myself I had an ectopic.... I just had a mini meltdown. I'm so exhausted by this whole business. When we found out we'd had a missed miscarriage in March, all I wanted was to start bleeding so it could be over...but I never did, so went for a D&C...then after the D&C I spent almost three months desperately hoping to STOP bleeding...then I finally stopped bleeding at the start of last month...and now here I am again just desperate to start again. It's like I spend my whole life at the moment obsessed with what I'll find when I go to the loo. 😩🤦🏻‍♀️

I went to bed quite early last night, had a bit of a cry and now feeling slightly better.

Still no AF though.

Sophiathesecond19 Thu 03-Aug-17 08:07:38

@rachelandthenoodle it's such a hard journey we're on, but we're all here together. I'm sorry you're feeling like this.
Is your AF late? I'm also getting negatives, pee'd on too many sticks recently hoping for a 2nd line. I'm not technically late yet, so I still have hope, but I suppose deep down at 12dpo if I was pregnant I should be getting a positive by now. Very difficult to admit.

zaraaubrie Thu 03-Aug-17 08:37:41

Awww, so sorry you're going through this. It's such a stressful and emotional cycle. It's the uncertainty that makes me feel like that. I too convinced myself about ectopic and it was keeping me awake all night.
I had a long relaxing bath and tried to chill out and then I got the pink tinge.

Maybe after your next period (if you're not pregnant), give it a month or so to track your periods and ovulation and start again. Have a fun month and relax with it all.

As of today I am on a huge health kick. No stress, no bad foods and no alcohol. I have been taking folic acid and vitamin D for a while and going to continue this. I'm looking into mediation for stress and ways to keep my levels down and mild yoga to relax. Lots of super foods too.
Im seeing this as a good thing and making the most out of it. We have a family occasion beginning of September so we are going to try after that. I'm going to buy some ovulation kits today and track it.

So sorry about your miscarriage, absolutely heartbreaking. TTC can take over your life and consume all of your thoughts. I remember when I got pregnant with my daughter, first month trying and wasn't bothered either way. We'd only just decided and I thought it would take up to 12 months. Looking back, I was totally relaxed and chilled and only tested because I had an MRI booked in and had to check. I think this is the key. Relaxation.

zaraaubrie Thu 03-Aug-17 08:40:01

Yes I agree, you should have a positive by now, however I have read many stories and some people do not get positives for weeks. So you could be pregnant, I wouldn't rule it out.
Moving forward, I'm not even going to test until I'm 10 days late. As my period had now proven, at the grand old age of 36, that it can come 9 days late when it's never been late before.

1105ania Thu 03-Aug-17 11:46:10

Im 5 days late now Which is really not niemal for me as my period works like clockwork. I took a test yesterday but it was negative. I will test again tommorow or saturday.. really hope i get my answer Asap :/ the wait is terrible

rachelandthenoodle Thu 03-Aug-17 13:40:02

Thanks @zaraaubrie

Yeah, I'm late...maybe six or seven days. Not 100% sure.

You're right about the stress, but age (like you) is not on my side. I also have an 8 year old from a previous relationship and I really wanted our kids to be close enough in age to actually have something in common. We may have missed that boat already, but it does affect my eagerness to get on with it. He so desperately wants a brother or sister.

And of course all of our friends are already reproducing like rabbits. I was very young when I had my son- in my late 20s- and none of my friends had kids, so I ended up very isolated from their lives. Now they're all coping with babies and I have a much bigger kid, so also end up kind of out of it...if we wait a while, or it just takes us ages, we'll have babies when everyone else has toddlers and older kids, and we'll be off the mark again! It's the dumbest thing to be worried about, but these things all mount up.

My mum also went through menopause quite early, so I'm petrified that every egg could be my last. 😞


I know the stress isn't helping,

zaraaubrie Thu 03-Aug-17 14:54:28

I was the same. I've never had a late period ever. Only when I was pregnant with my now daughter. I never thought it could be late and never bloody mind 9 days late. It's a relief though. I hope you get your answer soon, fingers crossed you are pregnant.

zaraaubrie Thu 03-Aug-17 14:57:20

It's so hard isn't it. My daughter is 3 this month and we would like another baby asap. I would love to be pregnant by Christmas and keeping my hopes up. My hubbie is 40 this year so we don't want to wait long. We were so lucky with our daughter.
You always hear of people trying for years and then having enough of it and then bam, once they stop trying it happens. I really believe that's down to stress and relaxation. Happened to my sister.

I must admit I am worried about menopause too. Thinking it could be a reason why my period was late.

Fingers crossed for you. You could be pregnant and I really hope you are. Good luck and keep me posted.

rachelandthenoodle Fri 04-Aug-17 06:38:03

Hi Zara- so another update. I took yet another test today and it's definitely a BFN. fertility friend says I'm 8 days late; Ovia (comically) thinks I'm on cycle day 61!! Haha. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway. No idea what to do now.

zaraaubrie Fri 04-Aug-17 07:36:52

So strange isn't it. If I were you, I work wait 4-5 days without testing. Apparantly on my app, 9 days late was still in normal range for late periods. So odd and I never knew this. What I found hard was having to act like I was pregnant 'just in case'. A few stories I have read (one on here from years ago), said you can ask for a blood test from the doctors. Maybe wait until your 10 days and then request it? It can pick up much lower hormone levels. How are you feeling? Do you have any symptoms?

I'm actually bleeding quite heavily with clots and thinking I could be having an early miscarriage. Possible late implantation or could just be a heavy period. Who knows.

Hopefully you'll get your answer soon. The wait is awful.

Charlottiee Fri 04-Aug-17 08:56:50

Unfortunately, from what I've read, GPs won't usually authorise blood tests unless your symptoms do really point to MC or you've missed several periods. Being late for one period, with no other concerning symptoms, is unlikely to result in a blood test. I guess it's to save ££

I'm 5 days late and counting. Had some spotting for 4 days from CD22 so I'm now convinced that was a very unusually light period?? All my cheapy tests have been BFNS. So I can fully sympathise! flowers

rachelandthenoodle Fri 04-Aug-17 10:55:11

I think that's a good call, @zaraaubrie.

@Charlottiee yeah; I've had plenty of dramas with the GP over the past few months regarding my MC and retained product from that, and just generally not being taken in any way seriously. They just kept saying to come back if there was cause for concern...I'd been bleeding for three months! WTF is 'cause for concern'?! Eventually I passed the placenta, which had indeed been retained, and all of a sudden everyone was like: 'oh yeah, we should definitely have rescanned you'. Thanks 😑

Anyway, I'll give them a call on Monday if I'm still in the same boat. Hopefully if I kick up enough fuss, and remind them about the last few months, they might be inclined to give me the benefit of the doubt! Haha.

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