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Can anyone see the line? And can someone help?

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babylovexo Mon 17-Jul-17 21:10:44

Sorry I thought I would post this again to bump it as I now have another question 😂 I'm so frustrated! Haha so please read and have a look at the test posted below xxx

So I just wanted to know if this was the norm if any of you pregnant ladies have ever experienced this??
So this morning I got my first faint positive couldn't quite believe it then tested again this eve and got another faint pos too! It was faint but deffo there!

My question is which I wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this before; this morning I had ALOT of CM which was milky white and quite stretchy sorry tmi! Haha
tonight I have hardly any CM at all it has dried up apart from around the cervix and my vagina now feels very tight and dry around the opening to the point I can only get one finger in, my cervix is also quite high can just about touch it with middle finger but I think it still feels closed (like the tip of my nose???) to be honest I'm not sure I'm kind of new to all of this trying for a baby! Haha!

I have also had some shooting pain in my labia majora just wanted to know if that was normal too as I don't have a clue!! Haha!

So im sorry for the random question I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this before and whether it's normal??

Now I'm debating myself this does look like a positive right??? I know it's very faint but I'm sure I can see it! I had the same with a Superdrug early test but was lighter so I'm a bit confused now! 😳

Binkyboo16 Mon 17-Jul-17 21:16:51

I had a lot of cm when I was pregnant with my twins but due to irregular cycles I didn't even test until I was 3 weeks late 🙈 I found it was different at different times of the day and depending on what I had been doing throughout the day, if I was working a long shift on my feet all day it was drier, don't know if that may have been due to the fact I couldn't drink as much as I normally would on a day off?
Good luck on your positives, I hope this has helped smile x

IndianaMoleWoman Mon 17-Jul-17 21:17:37

I can see it but the test looks a bit flooded. I'd get a pink line test like a FRER to confirm.

As for your symptoms, every woman is different I'm afraid. I know it's frustrating but you'll just have to wait and retest. Good luck!

babylovexo Mon 17-Jul-17 21:24:24

Hi binky
That's helped massively!! Thank you!

Hi Indiana
I'm planning on waiting a couple more days then getting a FRER I think I got a little bit too excited when I took a pic of the test as it came up pretty much straight away (dipped instead of weeing straight on it)
Fingers crossed it is what I think it is

Thank you to you both x

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