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This is now doing my head in!! Help please!!

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user1479837956 Thu 13-Jul-17 07:39:50

I am now 10 days late on a 39/40 day cycle!!! And I've had enough and just want to know
Two days ago I had spotting which was a light pink and then cleared up after that one toilet break! I then had it again very very light yesterday same colour which stopped just after one time. I've had some very light cramping and twinges in my left ovary, I'm feeling nauseaous all the time and my back hurts if I sit in one place for too long
I am usually very very regular, period starts either on the 30th or 31st day in my cycle but nothing this month and doesn't seem like I'm going to get anything soon!!
Anyway I decided to do a test this morning and it was a negative
My question is, do you think I ovulated late this month and the bleeding I've been experiencing could have been implantation bleeding? If so when should I next test to make sure I get a true true reading? Thanks everyone ❤️❤️

user1479837956 Thu 13-Jul-17 09:52:29

Also what is CM like in early pregnancy just after implantation? As I have a lot at the moment and is a lot thicker since the spotting I had the other day!

Binkyboo16 Thu 13-Jul-17 10:21:53

There is every possibility you ovulated later than normal so if I'm correct then hcg levels double every 2-3 days smile a lot will also depend on the type of test you use, some are more sensitive than others so try to use one with lower sensitivity like first response early response smile I would say to leave it the 2-3 days then test again! Good luck!!

TheVanguardSix Thu 13-Jul-17 10:25:35

You'd be showing + by now if that were implantation bleeding. However, get thee to a chemist and get a First Response. If First Response is negative, you're almost certainly not pregnant. Pink dye tests are more reliable than blue dye and First Response is the best.

You sure seem to tick all the pregnancy boxes!

user1479837956 Thu 13-Jul-17 10:29:36

Yes it could be that I'm using completely the wrong test I used a clear blue digital and some of the cheap test strips from amazon which I've now come to realise that the digital ones require more hpg levels I've ordered a first response as chemist didn't have one and that's coming tomorrow so fingers crossed, all the signs seem to be there but not a positive yet!!

PinkPrittStick Thu 13-Jul-17 10:42:04

Correct me if I am wrong but did you not post a picture of a bfp about 2 days ago?

user1479837956 Thu 13-Jul-17 10:51:26

Hey I posted a picture of a clear blue test which I thought was positive until I showed it to my partner and my mum and they both confirmed it was negative and just my eyes playing tricks!!

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