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Need your eyes please

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Murphsxx Wed 12-Jul-17 08:35:25

Hi guys would you be able to check these for me if like 99% sure they're positive but I'm really confused because I thought I was ovulating. top one internet cheapie bottom one frer

Thanks guys

McTufty Wed 12-Jul-17 08:37:13

Definitely positive! Congrats!

user1479837956 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:37:54

Positive!!! Congratulations!! ❤️❤️

blueskyinmarch Wed 12-Jul-17 08:41:20

They couldn't be more positive if they tried! I wonder if you conceived last month and maybe had a bit of breakthrough bleeding which you thought was a period?

WinterRose92 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:46:17

Pretty darn sure that's positive! Congrats! Xx

chowmeinchick Wed 12-Jul-17 16:25:12

That's definitely a positive!! Congratulations x

Aridia Wed 12-Jul-17 18:20:41

That's definitely positive! Congratulations!

ThreeAfter30 Wed 12-Jul-17 18:39:09

Brilliant they are most defo +ve, congratulations smile

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