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Beware the Superdrug Early Pregnancy test!

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Lalalax3 Mon 10-Jul-17 21:45:42

Got this today, and then my period. Checked with second test, BFN.

Cookie1831 Mon 10-Jul-17 21:47:26

Oh no am so sorry is it definitely period? You poor thing no words help have been through this a couple of times (not the test the early loss/chemical) but sending love x

Lalalax3 Mon 10-Jul-17 21:47:55

I'm fine, but it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a day

daffo Mon 10-Jul-17 21:48:47

Did you check on the same day with a second test? If not it may have been a chemical pregnancy. Sorry flowers

Lalalax3 Mon 10-Jul-17 22:05:13

Yes, I checked with two!

daffo Mon 10-Jul-17 22:08:05

That's really bad it showed up like that sad so upsetting for you xx

Hotpinkangel19 Tue 11-Jul-17 07:27:01

These are awful. And clearblue blue line tests. Wouldn't touch either ever again! Don't trust them.

ButtMuncher Tue 11-Jul-17 07:30:39

Agreed. I used them reliably with my now 10 month old son, but when I had a late period I bought a pack and had 5 lines on 5 different tests over different packs. I wasn't pregnant, and First Response proved that.

It was awful as neither me nor DP were prepared and as he was about to have a vasectomy it made things really tense for a while. I only tested because I hadn't come on and have weird cycles so was absolutely not expecting to have a line!

LimpLettice Tue 11-Jul-17 13:38:39

I did one of these yesterday too, same result, bfn this morning on an Asda cheapie - internet is full of stories of false positives. Mine showed up well before the 3 minutes as well. Will NOT be buying those again. Hmphh.

twinklestarr Thu 07-Dec-17 10:37:41

A pregnancy test manufacturer once informed me that two tests from the same box can often have different sensitivities, it's likely that the second test wasn't as sensitive as the first, if a clear coloured line appears within the time limit then it's positive. Chemical pregnancies are very common, I've had several in a short space of time, we are just more aware of them now because we test earlier with more sensitive tests than we used to. Hope you have better luck in the future

TheCatsPaws Thu 07-Dec-17 10:39:21

Clear blue are also really bad. Thought I was having a chemical (I’ve miscarried previously so it was very distressing) but after DP peed on one and got the same result I realised it was an evap.

There ought to be something done about this as it’s extremely painful.

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