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Jumping on the crazy train for the first time... ALL ABOARD FOR THE 2WW!

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WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 09-Jul-17 20:09:31

Firstly I must apologise to all you mumsnetters... I've been a lurker for a while and have never understood the craziness surrounding the 2WW until today! Have literally just ovulated yesterday on our first round of TTC and I've already been symptom spotting/furiously checking and rechecking my calendar and Ovia app like a pro!

Logically I know that there is literally no chance of any symptoms yet and DEFINITELY no need to POAS for the next 10 days at least, but there's another (much louder it seems) part of me that keeps thinking that the reason I'm so bloated/gassy (seriously what is up with that?!) or keep dropping my keys/knocking everything over or these cramps are obviously due to the fact I must be pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️.

So to stop me going completely around the bend, I thought I'd ask if anyone is due to POAS around the 21st of July? If so, do you want to wait with me? All those who have done this before, feel free to leave me tips on how not to think about this 24/7!

IfeelFloopy Sun 09-Jul-17 20:54:25

Hey Waiting

My AF is due on or around the 20th so I'm in the same boat. We have been trying for about 4 months but not all that seriously. This month we have been more er...regular.

I am yet to pee on any type of stick as we are wanting to take the laid back approach but if we're unlucky this month I think I'll be getting some ovulation sticks.

I'm the exact same way with symptom spotting. I'm only 2 or 3dpo and am already questioning my relentless heartburn today and choosing to ignore that it's likely due to my over indulgence at yesterday's BBQ blush

WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 09-Jul-17 21:08:02

Hey Floopy

I found the ovulation tests (especially the Clearblue ones) very helpful. Firstly it was reassuring to know that my hormones are doing the right thing (although I know that this is not a guarantee of actual ovulation), and secondly it showed my "Peak" to be earlier than predicted by Ovia, causing it to have a mini meltdown whilst it readjusted my fertile window.

I can totally relate to the early "symptoms", I was exhausted this afternoon and went for a little nap and of course that is all due to conception and not my being out in the sun all day yesterday and unexpectedly having to go into work today!

We can wait together, hopefully this will become a "lucky" thread 😁.

McTufty Sun 09-Jul-17 21:20:09

I haven't actually ovulated yet but I got a flashing smiley on my digital OPK today so should be joining 2ww soon! Given I had a grotesquely short luteal phase last month I don't think I'll probably get as far as 20 July but would like to join you anyway if that's ok smile

CoconutGal Sun 09-Jul-17 21:28:20

Hey! AF starts on the 18th so I'm in the 2ww! Symptom spotting like crazy here! DH isn't helping that either! Felt nauseous the last few days, then I felt fine, today I feel bloated, got some back ache & am constipated. However last month I had all the symptoms of a possible BFP but AF arrived instead. envy Fingers crossed & lots of luck to everyone! starflowers

TheGrumpySquirrel Sun 09-Jul-17 21:32:05

I'm due the 17th, testing this coming Saturday (15th). Feeling quite normal but who knows!

Florence16 Sun 09-Jul-17 22:29:17

Me me me! AF due 22nd July. My best friend is coming to stay that weekend. My DH is of the opinion why test before AF is due, surely wait a week or so of being late to test shock

I was thinking I'd manage not to symptom spot, but I'm having weird pains on each side lately. Came off the pill only last month and awaiting first 'proper' period so who knows what is going on with my body...have just moved into our dream home and finally thought sod it, life's too short lets get on with it. As a result of house move and crazy working I am always tired lately, so I can't symptom spot on that one.

I am very tempted by these OPKs...may invest in some next month myself. Bit scared I wont ovulate at all for ages having just come off the pill. I never expected I'd feel like I do right now, 2WW is awful too!

Fingers crossed a good few of us wont have another 2WW after this one...

WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 09-Jul-17 22:34:57

Hello all! I'm already looking forward to all the upcoming BFP's! It's definitely going to keep me going when all you ladies up before me start POAS!

Looks like Grumpy is up first so we all have something to look forward to this coming weekend 😁.

McTufty, I had four flashing smileys before my peak (which was in the afternoon after a flashing am smiley but I just had this feeling and I was right!).

Coconut, I think that's the worst thing when symptom spotting, all of the symptoms are so interchangeable between BFP and PMS that it just messes with your mind!

WaitingTillJuly17 Sun 09-Jul-17 23:03:10

Hi Florence 👋🏻 I'm due on the 22nd too! I will test on the 20th/21st though. I won't be able to wait any longer!

You definitely can ovulate straight after stopping the pill, just look at all the women who become pregnant whilst on the pill or who have just missed a few days.

IfeelFloopy Mon 10-Jul-17 22:09:01

So, today's irrational symptom spotting is more frequent urination. It's not unusual for me to get up in the night once to pee, especially if I've had some water before bed. But last night I got up 3 times and I hadn't even drank that much before bed!

Waiting - ive been thinking about what you said about the ovulation sticks and for all I know I might be ovulating at a different time. We DTD on CD10 12 15 so should be quite well covered but it would be nice to have proof. So I guess there's a chance I ovulated early and the cause my symptoms. *hopeful! Haha

TheGrumpySquirrel Tue 11-Jul-17 08:49:40

Cramps today, hope not early AF. Cervix is low and cm has dried up so not good signs. 7dpo today or tomorrow. Temp still high so just have to wait. So fed up

WaitingTillJuly17 Tue 11-Jul-17 09:04:05

Morning all! Still feeling exhausted on my end, have had a few crampy and shooting pains in all the right places but still think it's my imagination (or more wind...). It's literally all I've been thinking about, and it doesn't help when my assistant screams "are you pregnant" when she brings over fish that stinks to high heaven (at least to me!) and I promptly turn green and start retching! Unfortunately I've always had a sensitive nose/stomach so it's not anything to get excited about 🤢😷😂.

Floopy, frequent urination is a big one isn't it?! Oh I really hope we get some BFP's!

Grumpy I've never checked my cervix, what should it be like then? I've thought about temping but I can't bring myself to wake at the same time every day as I have to be up at 5:45 for work and definitely don't want to do that on my days off! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

TheGrumpySquirrel Tue 11-Jul-17 09:07:43

It only works if you check it regularly and you know how it behaves over your cycle. It is typically very high over ovulation- almost out of reach, soft and open. In pregnancy it goes high and closed but still softer. If AF is coming or has just been its low firm and closed. At 7dpo the cycle I got my BFP in march it was high and I had lotiony cm. so the fact it has dried up / sticky cm and it's low is a bad sign. Had this last cycle at the same point and got af.

WaitingTillJuly17 Tue 11-Jul-17 22:27:22

How are you doing now Grumpy?

I just feel like this is such a rollercoaster already! From being overly optimistic to now feeling like there's no chance 😢 Have been on a proper downer today, two weeks is soooooo long to wait but I'm determined not to test before next Friday as it'll only make me feel worse to get a negative or heaven forbid a chemical.

Did you ovulate yet McTufty? Any symptoms today Florence/Floopy/Coconut?

TheGrumpySquirrel Tue 11-Jul-17 22:32:08

7/8 dpo tomorrow
Feeling slightly hopeful again as sore boobs and what I can only describe as a "spiky womb" all day

RosieRo123 Tue 11-Jul-17 22:34:49

(I posted this in a new thread, but saw this one was very similar so posting here! 👋🏻)

Evening ladies!

So I'm Day 27 and AF is due either Thursday or Friday. This is my 3rd cycle of trying. So I just wondered, what are the common pregnancy symptoms that you've maybe had/are aware of BEFORE af arrives? I drive myself crazy each month trying to guess. I'm trying not to test early this time. Can't believe I've got this far this month without testing!! 😆


WaitingTillJuly17 Tue 11-Jul-17 23:03:28

Oooooh spiky sounds interesting (if not all that comfortable!) hang in there Grumpy, not too much longer to wait!

Hi Rosie 👋🏻 You've done really well not to test! A lot of the symptoms I've heard of are similar to AF which is half of the problem for me! Big ones seem to be frequent urination, cramping, funny taste in your mouth and basically any other little thing people notice! I think the whole situation makes you hyper aware of your body! Have you had any symptoms then?

TheGrumpySquirrel Wed 12-Jul-17 05:34:49

Well I tested and after giving myself line eye at 4am (obviously ruining my BBT measurement this morning - which is a lot higher but probably because I didn't get back to sleep properly) I think it's still a BFN 😩

WaitingTillJuly17 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:25:33

7/8 dpo is still pretty early though right Grumpy? You're not out until you're out as they say!

Woke up feeling pretty sick this morning but not sure if it's a sign or just my body protesting at being up so early!

happybus28 Wed 12-Jul-17 08:34:15

Hi! Can I join in? I am 2dpo today, CD16 so a bit behind all you ladies. I'm not sure it'll be my month this month as we only managed to DTD once in my fertile window on CD12 and I OVd on CF14 but we'll see! I'm thinking of testing either the 22nd or 23rd. Keeping my fingers crossed for lots of BFPs on this thread!

WaitingTillJuly17 Wed 12-Jul-17 09:50:41

Yes of course Happy, the more the merrier! How are you feeling? Spotted any symptoms yet? There's definitely a chance with those dates so don't lose hope!

RosieRo123 Wed 12-Jul-17 10:04:45

@WaitingTillJuly17 morning! 👋🏻

The week before AF I get nausea, which is really annoying for symptom spotting! I usually get period cramps but this week they've felt slightly different, more like a mild stabbing pain to the left of my tummy. I think! It makes you crazy doesn't it. Urination normal, boobs normal. I'm rather bloated and windy (sorry) which is probably AF isn't it? Can't remember that being a symptom last month though, that's usually when AF arrives. I just don't feel pregnant and I assume you would just know?

What cycle are you?


McTufty Wed 12-Jul-17 10:13:49

grumpy that's so early though! You might not even have implanted by then!

waitingtilljuly that's hopefully a really good sign!

Welcome happybus! You're ahead of me, I'm cd20 but still not ovulated. Onto my fourth day of flashing smileys!

happybus28 Wed 12-Jul-17 12:19:21

waiting no symptoms yet no, feel absolutely fine but wasn't really expecting to feel anything just yet! How are you feeling?

mctufty I hope you ovulate soon! It's frustrating waiting for ovulation isn't it. My cycles are very long and irregular but i am on my first month of clomid and ovd on CD14 so I was chuffed!

IfeelFloopy Wed 12-Jul-17 12:33:30

No new symptoms from me but perhaps an explanation for my earlier increased urination...I have a uti!

We were using a lot of fertility gel this month and although we usually use lube anyway, I think that might be to blame 😣.

So I've jut started some antibiotics. Had to go through questions with the Dr last night before being prescribed and she got me to do a pregnancy test. It came back negative but I think I'm only 5 or 6 dpo anyway so too early to tell. Kind of annoying because I didn't want to test until a couple of days late but hey ho!

Waiting - I know what you mean about the rollercoaster. I did just presume getting pregnant would be easy for me (though logically I know it's not unusual for it to take at least a year). After all of my online "self studying" over the past few months I feel like the fact that anyone gets pregnant at all is a miracle!

I watched a documentary online a few weeks ago called "the great human sperm race". Humans represented the sperm and it showed the difficulty of the journey they have to make. It's fascinating but makes you this is not a straight forward process!

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