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TTC #2 (August bfps)

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Impatientmummy36 Sun 09-Jul-17 18:43:42

Hi all, here we are again smile

New thread for all those ttc second babies.

Good luck everyone this cycle! xxx

Impatientmummy36 Sun 09-Jul-17 18:49:48

My stats recap smile

Ttc #2
Cycle 6
Af/bfp due 5 Aug

Af came today, late, so a bit of a false alarm, thought could have been 'it'... so....onto the next cycle .... Trying to think (as always) what can do differently if anything this month...


Nubian9454 Sun 09-Jul-17 18:58:07

Yes here we are again Impatient

My stats

Cycle 4
Af/bfp due on 30 July.

I have a short 25 day cycle

I use opk and don't temp. Really want this to be my cycle.

Hate the tww but glad to share it with you ladies. Baby dust xx

Impatientmummy36 Sun 09-Jul-17 19:23:28

Hello again Nubian smile.

I don't temp either, just use cb dual hormone, Preseed last couple of cycles & various vitamins. Was hoping that would be enough ( Obvs so far not!!)


MotherofBoy Sun 09-Jul-17 20:32:26


Ttc #2
Age 26
Cycle 6
Bfp due 7 August
Ds1 age 2

I'm assuming af is due to arrive due to bfn and temp drop. Boobs still f-big hurt tho. Cycle 6 really does feel quite demoralising...

MotherofBoy Sun 09-Jul-17 20:33:16

Oh I also temp, check cm, check cp, take pregnacare and dh and I have been off alcohol and caffeine for the last 3 weeks.

Nubian9454 Sun 09-Jul-17 20:47:40

Impatient am going to use preseed this cycle. I am on pregnacare and with my age thinking of using Ovaboost which is meant to help.with egg quality. Motherofboy I just find temping a bit stressful so decide not to. But may focus on it next Cycle if I don't get my bfp.

Impatientmummy36 Sun 09-Jul-17 21:14:50

Not heard of ovaboost nubian I will have a look. Was it recommended to you?

I bought all sorts, maca, larginine... but then panicked (fee months back) and stopped taking because I thought it had brought ovulation fwd so I was worried it could mess with cycles, but since I've had a long cycle this month for no reason it was probably just a coincidence! So I'm going to re-look at supplements and stuff this week.

I've been reading about fertil-aid and fertility-CM which some people swear by but others claim it messed cycles up badly so been wary... if anyone's tried let me know! x

Nubian9454 Sun 09-Jul-17 21:25:41

Impatient it was not recommended but found it whilst doing a bit of research. It's manufactured by the same company who produce fertili aid and fertility CM. If this cycle does not produce my bfp I will try Ovaboost

Impatientmummy36 Sun 09-Jul-17 21:32:29

Thanks, I've just found it and will also consider, also getting concerned about egg quality now x

Foniks Sun 09-Jul-17 23:04:57

TTC #2
Cycle 2
DC1 age 1
Af/bfp July 19 but will probably come, so should be Aug 12/13
Just don't feel pregnant! And I think I missed my days this month.

I was just going by a fertility/period tracker and my body's signals, but will be opk after/if af shows up this month.
Will also be using pre seed next cycle.

Good luck all! Fingers crossed our next thread will be an early pregnancy thread!
And thank you for making the second thread impatient

tiramisualwaystiramisu Mon 10-Jul-17 06:37:21

Yes, thank you for the second thread impatient let's hope this is a lucky one! Stats:

TTC #1
Cycle 2
AF / BFP due August 3

I'm wondering if we should put a bit more effort this time round. It was ridiculously easy last time, so I'm not sure where to start - any suggestions? I've never tracked that carefully but am using a cheap app to roughly predict fw / ovulation, but that's it

ladydolly Mon 10-Jul-17 08:20:14

Thanks iimpatient. I think it does help physiologically to have a new thread!

TTC #2
Age 38
Cycle 3
BFP due 5th August.

I use the ovuview app which tracks as many ways as you like, I enter temps, cervix, cm and ov tests. I take a multi vitamin and a b vitamin because I can have a short luteal phase. I've ordered preseed base don recommendations from you lovely ladies. I'm also in the clearblue trial as advertised on here but not sure what tracking that involves yet. I like evidence and data, I hate being unsure of anything. I'm a project manager in RL and I tend to apply that kind of approach to my personal life too (I am AWFUL to live with, lists and calendars galore!)

Last month's CP was I think more disappointing to DP. It shook me up a bit just because I felt so sick, I felt sick my entire pregnancy first time around but it didn't really get bad until around week 7, this was less than 4 weeks! I need to be prepared for that. Other than that I feel ok.

This month could be our month!! Baby dust to all!!

ladydolly Mon 10-Jul-17 15:18:07

Physiologically. What am I on?? Psychologically.

(I work in Science, I should be ashamed of myself)

Impatientmummy36 Mon 10-Jul-17 16:26:55

Hi everyone-

Onwards and upwards for us all hey.... smile

Nubian - we were talking about egg age/quality before? I've been reading this, may be worth a look, was free on kindle unlimited. She's writing from experience but she's also a PhD so has analysed a lot of research

Impatientmummy36 Mon 10-Jul-17 16:28:44

I had bloods done today for FSH, LH and booked progesterone tests for 21 days (or 23 in my case!). Hoping to put my mind at rest that's all is working x

Nubian9454 Mon 10-Jul-17 16:58:32

Thanks Impatient I am going to have a look now. All the best with the tests.
I am slightly scared to have any tests done at this stage. But if it doesn't happen then I will have to. I don't exactly have time on my side so guess will have to consider it sooner rather then later.

MotherofBoy Mon 10-Jul-17 20:18:01

Ooooh if anyone can provide an exec summary of that book that's be great! I have no time for reading these days...

MotherofBoy Tue 11-Jul-17 05:41:10

My temperature was above 37 again today... I am somewhere between 13-14dpo (I don't agree with ff). I always have a 13 day lp and comparing to previous charts my temp always dips on 13dpo. So I did a test but only tests I have are cheapies. Not sure if I can see the faintest shadow. Probably wishful thinking. But I don't want to go out and buy an FRER just to be disappointed! Af should come today/tomorrow so odd that I have a v high temp...

MotherofBoy Tue 11-Jul-17 06:06:45

Better picture - this was 15mins after so just outside the 10min window. You can def see a line if I change the contrast but I know how many times evaps have done that to me! So posting without alteration!

Nubian9454 Tue 11-Jul-17 07:29:09

Sorry Mother I can't quite see it. Keep testing. Fingers crossed for you. Baby dust

Impatientmummy36 Wed 12-Jul-17 07:48:35

Sorry mother I can't see, but you probably can in person.... have you tested again today?

Morning everyone, hope everybody ok. I'm feeling a little less crazy now af nearly over...


Karpuzkiz Wed 12-Jul-17 07:57:14

AF arrived today so officially going to be TTC#2 this month! This will be cycle 1 and have been tracking ovulation last couple of months so fingers crossed!

I feel incredibly nervous and excited. Did anyone else feel like that?

BFP hopefully due Aug 6 x

MotherofBoy Wed 12-Jul-17 08:44:30

Temp still hovering under 37, no af... and another bfn/evap... I think af will come today. Officially late now! Hate the limbo wish it would just hurry up!

Nubian9454 Wed 12-Jul-17 10:05:32

There is still hope Mother some people get their bfp a bit later. So still in with a chance !

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