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Depo issues

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alisonyawn Sun 09-Jul-17 13:33:25

So, finished my last depo in October 2015. Periods started to return in September 2016. Have been trying to conceive with DH ever since. However, my periods are all over the place. Go from lasting 31 days, to 26, to 14, to 28, to 25 and I'm really struggling to get a grasp on ovulation days and it's starting to really get me down.
Has anyone else struggled with the Depo injection and regaining normality and gone on to have successful pregnancies please?

ew1990 Sun 09-Jul-17 15:39:19

My periods came back pretty much straight away, cycles would range from 28 to 31 days, took us two years to catch, currently 22 weeks

ChickenBhuna Sun 09-Jul-17 15:43:43

I have similar experiences of the depo jab OP. It took many months for my periods to return and longer for them to regulate enough to enable me to predict ovulation.

Doctors don't know nearly enough about what it does to your body and I find that so scary that I've decided used to avoid it completely from now on.

I hope your fertility returns and that you conceive soon. Good luck :-)

PotteringAlong Sun 09-Jul-17 15:46:31

I've been on it four times - the first time I came off it I was pregnant in 7 weeks. The second time took 17 months to get pregnant. The third time took 6 months. Ovulation all over the place every time but have 3 healthy children.

Nottalotta Sun 09-Jul-17 15:48:53

Took 9 months for periods to return but very regular 24 day cycle. Took.over two years to get pregnant.

alisonyawn Sun 09-Jul-17 16:35:25

Thank you everyone. Here's hoping it'll happen soon.

I though we'd possibly struck lucky this month as I've been feeling nauseous for a week, lower back pain, fatigue, but no sore boobs, and today AF seems to have come again, meaning only a 24 day cycle again 😞 and seems to be a really light period and haven't had the cramping I usually get yet. But have known them to kick in after a while. Sigh.

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