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OPK test result help please!

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spnfan Sun 09-Jul-17 10:37:24

Please allow me to pick your brains!

So DH and I are starting to ttc in earnest this month so I bought IC OPK.

I haven't used IC's before and used clear blue last time but they're SO pricey I thought we'd start with cheapies and see how we got on! Anyway thought I'd start as soon as AF had left to make sure I didn't miss ovulation and generally just get an idea of what's happening when etc. Did the first one this morning.

I've attached the photo here - the left was after about a minute, the right after about 3 hours.

I'd be inclined to disregard the later result if only because I wasn't expecting to get a result so soon.

Is that usual? I was still spotting yesterday evening!

McTufty Sun 09-Jul-17 10:40:46

Hi OP, it is negative even on the right. For it to be positive, the test line has to be as dark as the control line.

You will have a base level of LH in your system anyway which accounts for the line, it's not like pregnancy test where any line counts however faint. It's the surge in LH you're looking for which will make both lines equally as dark.

Good luck!

spnfan Sun 09-Jul-17 10:44:25

Oh that makes sense! Thanks McTufty!

I had assumed it would be 'negative' until the surge began. Will keep tracking. smile

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