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Cutting out naughty stuff whilst TTC - advice

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ddegville Thu 06-Jul-17 21:54:37

Hi my lovelies.
This is me and bf's first cycle TTC. I was drinking a lot of coffee, so I've already cut that down to nothing and now i drink only decaf.
My question is really around food items, such as cheese like Brie, etc. Would people cut this out now? I don't eat a lot of the foods which are to be avoided so i don't need to wean myself off them.
The reason for asking is that i have a wedding on 28th July, for which i have a vegetarian meal ordered, i know the main is leek and brie filo pie. Would you eat this whilst still TTC?
And finally if i find out i have a BFP before the the wedding (let's hope!) would you still eat the pie then?

Any help appreciated smile


MrsOverTheRoad Fri 07-Jul-17 01:23:40

I would indeed eat it. Remember that you still need to have a good time!

DeliciouslyHella Fri 07-Jul-17 01:37:11

I cut out nothing until I got a BFP. You've got to stay sane.

Spam88 Fri 07-Jul-17 01:38:53

I tried to eat as though I was pregnant whilst ttc, just to be on the safe side.

Brie is fine when it's cooked though so your tart will be fine 👍

Newmanwannabe Fri 07-Jul-17 01:54:28

You will be fine. The soft cheeses etc are incase you get listeria food poisoning. Won't be a problem whilst TTC or even if you were just a few days pregnant.

What I would look at is your BF diet, is he eating healthy, not drinking too much alcohol? Sperm have a 3 month life cycle so you want nice healthy sperm. Foods high in zinc are good, I think though if you are both looking after yourselves you should just relax and have a good time grin

n0rtherrn Fri 07-Jul-17 01:55:53

I never felt the need to cut anything out when TTC. Certain foods should be avoided in pregnancy to protect the baby, but I don't believe eating those foods when TTC actually affects getting pregnant.

Take folic acid, reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, don't smoke and just try to relax.

TTC can take up to 2 years even in normal, fertile, healthy couples. It's a long time to worry about everything you eat and drink.

newbian Fri 07-Jul-17 02:12:12

The food restrictions in pregnancy are about getting bacterial infections that are risky to the baby. Nothing to do with ability to conceive. Enjoy the soft cheeses etc. I'm pregnant with #2 and it's depressing how much good stuff I'm having to turn down. Don't do it unnecessarily!

MotherofBoy Fri 07-Jul-17 05:45:17

I'd eat it. Even if pregnant, soft cheese like Brie and Camembert are fine to eat if they have been cooked as it kills the bacteria, so Brie in a pie would be fine. Brie and crackers I'd avoid, but even when pregnant I had a few of the 'not allowed' foods. Just don't eat them all the time! As for ttc, we have reduced alcohol and caffeine as that has shown to hinder chances and generally try to eat healthy but haven't restricted any foods

LisaSimpsonsbff Fri 07-Jul-17 07:50:22

I hope you have a much easier (and quicker) journey to pregnancy than me, but I now really regret being fairly obvious about the fact we were TTC (fussy about caffeine, not drinking at certain times of the month, careful with food). I thought it didn't much matter because, after all, my friends would soon know when I was pregnant! Eleven months and three miscarriages on I hate seeing the sad face when I have some wine ('oh, still not' they presumably think) or, worse, the look of piqued interest when I don't. It feels like I've been living life in limbo for nearly a year now, and that sucks - if I could go back in time I'd tell myself to be a lot less militant about what I changed early on.

Oysterbabe Fri 07-Jul-17 08:41:14

You don't need to cut out any of those things until you get a positive test.
It might take a year tobget pregnant, a year without brie and coffee is frankly not one worth living.

AncientOva Fri 07-Jul-17 09:53:58

Hahahaha, nope, didn't cut out anything. In fact I conceived in the booziest year of my life, and continued to drink tea until it was coming out of my ears throughout pregnancy. I believe I may even have gasp eaten brie whilst pregnant (and this is despite a previous mc and being very old in childbearing terms).

Buy a copy of 'Expecting Better' by Emily Oster and relax a bit - not stressing seemed to be the key for me - although easier said than done I know. Try not to put your life on hold, book holidays (have insurance though just in case you have to cancel that long haul flight because you're eight months pg with twins), have sex when you're not ovulating, enjoy your partner and their company. Good luck!

AncientOva Fri 07-Jul-17 09:55:33

*and when you're ovulating obviously!

ddegville Fri 07-Jul-17 18:09:01

Thank everyone that's all really helpful advice. I'll stick to the decaf coffee seen as i've already stopped it anyway, i was drinking way too much even when not TTC if i'm honest so its only good for me to have cut back smile Might go eat some cheese and crackers!! (yum!)

Jessybear90 Sat 08-Jul-17 09:54:58

The only thing I cut out while trying was alcohol, and that was purely to get me into that habit of being t total when I did get pregnant but everyone is different. I found the caffinene the hardest to give up as I was a bit of an addict but after finding out I was pregnant I cut down to one cup of tea a day. But looking back I wish I would have cut the caffeine when trying because I had withdrawal headaches for like theee weeks after which was not fun combined with morning sickness! Do what you feel is right x

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