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7dpo twinges and pinches

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Savelli Thu 06-Jul-17 17:13:53

Hi all I'm trying not to symptom spot as I have done in the past and have had BFN. Since ovulating this month I have had sharp twinges of pain in my right ovary- I couldn't have been imagining it it was pretty strong but would only last a few seconds each time. I occasionally got some on the left side but mainly the right.

Today on my right side i have had a couple of pinching and pulling feelings on my right ovary- I'm only 7dpo as I ovulated late this cycle. Normally my cycles are 33 days and today is day 33 of my cycle. I don't want AF to start at all but if it does not before Sunday as that would be the 10 day luteal phase.

Has anyone had these symptoms or similar and got a BFP? Hoping it's not AF starting!

GreenDill Thu 06-Jul-17 17:31:53

Can't help in terms of if it'll lead to a BFP but following as I've had the same pinching pains and 7dpo too! Yesterday I had one really sharp pain early in the day that made me wince and then in the evening dull aching in my pelvis and back!

Fingers crossed!! flowers

MouseLove Thu 06-Jul-17 18:31:28

It could be that you have a little cyst on your ovary. Completely normal from where the egg was released. Try not to worry it could be a BFP or just normal body twinges. Fx!! X

MotherofBoy Thu 06-Jul-17 18:42:55

I've also had pinching tho more generalised from 7-10dpo so far... but that is it. I don't feel pregnant at all so I am not holding my breath! I've had similar tho not as noticeable in previous months and nothing...

Savelli Thu 06-Jul-17 20:03:53

Thanks for the replies. As today has gone on I have started selling more and more like AF is on its way so definitely don't have my hopes up now!

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