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When should I go back to GP?

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WithCheesePlease Wed 05-Jul-17 07:42:49

I'm 36, and I went to visit the GP before we started TTC, got general check up and blood tests to make sure all was good. He said to me, because of your age & your low amh levels, we don't have a huge amount of time, so if it hasn't happened after 6 months of trying, come back to me. I didn't go back on the 6th cycle, but ended up pregnant on the 7th cycle so was delighted.

That all ended in miscarriage 6 weeks later, so once my cycle came back we started again. My question is now we obviously have even less time, but does it 'go back to zero', and I should only be concerned if it goes over another 6 mths? DH said to me (which I found really annoying), don't build your hopes up, we've only just started trying. And I said you mean trying again... It's our 8/9th cycle now.

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