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TTC #2 for 2+ years- will anyone care?

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one2three4five Mon 03-Jul-17 22:44:42

DH and I have been TTC #2 for 28 months (-3 months where we just needed a break), but have had no luck at all. It took 7 months with DS, so we're obviously not super fertile, but we're beginning to become worried. We have been actively trying for that long, but haven't actually used any form of birth control since DS was born 4 years 7 months ago, and have never been careful because we knew we wanted another baby.

I am now wondering whether I should go to the GP, but will they be interested? I already have one DS, so am unsure if I will qualify for any investigation/help? We have no money to investigate ourselves, so are solely reliant on the NHS for help if they will help us. I'm reluctant to waste their time if it's an automatic no! I would understand if it was, I would hate resources to be used on us when some people are struggling to have #1, but at the same time, I would like help if I'm allowed it?

Has anyone had trouble conceiving the second time, and had any investigation on the NHS at all?

Thanks smile

Sharl2017 Mon 03-Jul-17 23:17:47

Personally no, but I didn't want to read and run.
I'm not aware of the NHS not helping you because you've already got a DC.
Personally I'd go to the GP and see what they suggest. As far as I'm aware they're willing to help as long as it's been over 12 months.

one2three4five Tue 04-Jul-17 00:02:51

Thank you for replying, that's reassuring to hear. I have a GP appt in three weeks anyway so I will mention it then. Hopefully they will help me- I am starting to go mad, I actually bought two baby dresses today, for a fictional child. (I've already got stacks of boys clothes from DS as I didn't get rid of anything, so any potential boy babies are coveredgrin) I'm not sure that is entirely healthy behaviour... but

LoveDeathPrizes Tue 04-Jul-17 00:05:29

I think there are certain restrictions for a second child but you still get the investigations. You should be entitled to the ultrasound and hormone bloods for you and OH. I don't think you'll be entitled to IVF but that might be dependent on where you live...

one2three4five Tue 04-Jul-17 00:13:33

To be honest, I think IVF would be a step too much for us anyway, from hearing friends experiences I don't think I'd cope very well. I'd just really like to know whether we are trying in vain, in which case we can try and close this chapter and just focus on DS and accept that another child isn't going to happen for us (as sad as that would be), or whether another baby is possible and we just need to keep trying. It's just the not knowing that is driving me mad! I feel like my life is in some sort of limbo at the moment!

LoveDeathPrizes Tue 04-Jul-17 18:09:05

That you can definitely find out! It pays to know what your body's doing anyway regardless of fertility. They'll probably test for progesterone deficiency and an ultrasound on your ovaries to rule out polycystic ovaries. Those ultrasounds also point to whether you're ovulating too if done at the right time.

Good luck!

helly29 Tue 04-Jul-17 19:02:43

No experience here, but just wanted to wish you the best. Also wanted to say it might be worth booking a separate appointment with your gp rather than tagging it onto another consultation - it will give them much more time to sort things properly x

MmmMalbec Wed 05-Jul-17 06:19:13

Yeah I have a DS and then was struggling with irregular periods when we started TTC the second time. I went to the Drs with that even though we'd only been TTC for a few months. She referred me to the specialist for tests at the hospital, they wanted to test my progesterone levels on clomid, which I took and I fell pregnant that month. I'm now 32+3. It did take from August to December to complete the referral and test process though.

So in my area you'd be entitled to help but I don't know how much help, I would imagine definitely not IVF.

Good luck x

choochooo Wed 05-Jul-17 07:28:12

It will depend on your local trust how much help you get for free but I'm in same position and we got a scan and bloods to check everything was ok. Anything further we would have to go private for as we already have a DS.

Definitely ask. Good luck

one2three4five Wed 05-Jul-17 13:59:20

Thanks everyone smile

I'm going to see if my appointment can be extended to discuss the fertility issues. I think my GP might be confused about why I've not mentioned it before as I've been to see him quite a lot recently due to migraines, but I just never really thought to bring it up until now!

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