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Laid back in the hope of falling

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Sazwest Sun 02-Jul-17 11:42:19

I'm really hoping this month could be the month. We are trying to be laid back about it all and not doing no opks or anything just dtd every other day because everything gets obsessive. This month is 6 months of trying it took us 6 months to fall with our last. Anyone else been laid back this month xx

curliegirlie Sun 02-Jul-17 20:45:59

Good luck SazWest! I've been following your progress and routing for you these past few months. I got got by AF on Tuesday, so onto cycle 10 for me 😞. I really wish we could do the laid back approach, but a) with a nearly 2 year old, dtd every other day just ain't realistic and b) although better than pre-dd, my cycles are a bit irregular and ov day can be anything from cd16 to cd20, so I find tracking really useful. Last month I was expecting it to be cd16, so dtd 5 days out of 6 in the run up, only to not get a positive until cd19, by which time we were a bit shagged out, so only managed the day before and 2 days before that.

But who knows, the relaxed approach may be the way to go - 2 of my NCT buddies are currently pregnant with surprises - I think they were not trying/not preventing, and lo and behold..! I'm very jealous they haven't had to do the whole ttc thing again...

Sazwest Mon 03-Jul-17 09:43:15

Hi @curliegirlie well all my cycles have been 32 days apart from the one just gone I was due af 23rd June and it arrived on 17th June so early. So I'm not sure when I will have ovulated this month or if I have ovulated yet as I was away 23-27th June then my little girl was in hospital 28th June until Saturday so we have only managed to dtd twice so far. Said to hubby we will just dtd every other day for the rest of the week x.

curliegirlie Mon 03-Jul-17 12:06:17

Oh I hope your little girl's alright xxx

Sunshinesaz86 Thu 06-Jul-17 12:28:37

I've deleted my ovia app to try and chill out more. Also not going to bother doing any opks.
With DS conceived first cycle. Then got pg by surprise in Dec after dtd once in November it was only once due to DS being in hospital nearly the whole month, but had MMC at 12 week scan.

Since then I've had nothing even tho last month I had what looked like a positive Frer but AF arrived a day late.

So this month will just go with the flow and see what happens. I not even 100% on cycle day think it's 6/7?? Maybe far so good 😂😂

Good luck to you both I hope the relaxed approach helps you saz

It's not easy when your cycle messes with you curlie let's hope you get your positive soon x x

Sazwest Thu 06-Jul-17 12:45:56

@Sunshinesaz86 thanks Hun I don't have a clue where I am in my cycle this month at all coz af Arrived 7 days early last month ( I have always had a 31 day cycle and my last was only 26 I was due 23rd June and it arrived on 17th so I don't have a clue when I ovulated or even if I have. With af arriving I'm not sure if I ovulated anywhere between 28th June- 3rd july.(with af arriving early) Ovia is saying I'm in my fertile week now but that's on a 31 day cycle. If I ovulated between 28-3 we dtd twice around that time. If I'm in my fertile week now we have been dtd every day since 2nd lol. Hope all this makes sense xx

Which is annoying coz I'm not sure if I could be a few dpo lol xx

Sunshinesaz86 Thu 06-Jul-17 14:06:17

That is very annoying!
It's so confusing for you! Let's hope you AF arrives back on what would be your normal cycle or even better you don't get AF and you get your positive. So when are you expecting to be able to test or do you not test early?

I should add I got bfp two days before xmas my MMC was in Feb and we only started TTC again in April so I'm only onto my 4th month so it's not been long. But I'm already bored with the whole tracking thing 😂. I say this now if nothing's happened in the next couple of months I may revert back. X x

Sazwest Thu 06-Jul-17 14:20:48

@Sunshinesaz86 see that's the thing I always test early but coz I don't know when I ovulated or if I have yet it's gonna be hard. I did get a lot of ewcm at the start of the week so I'm not really sure if I did then. Af is due either 13th or 18th So I will probs do a test on 12th lol then again on 17th. Xx

Sunshinesaz86 Thu 06-Jul-17 14:26:04

That sounds like a good plan. Not too long to wait between testing dates, even tho every day can be rather long in the TWW.
However saying that if the laid back approach is working it shouldn't technically feel that long.

I've go away on a hen weekend the weekend AF is due so will take tampax along and if it doesn't arrive will rest the day I'm home. (It will so arrive) x x

Sazwest Thu 06-Jul-17 14:33:18

Yeh see I was due af 23rd June I went away that day and it arrived 7 days early which I was glad of haha.

I'm hoping this laid back approach this month helps in a way. When I fell with my youngest who's 5 this happened I got so obsessive with it and by month 6 ( which I am now ) I thought what the hell if it happens it happens and it did so I'm hoping that works this time haha x

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