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Pregnancy supplement problems

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Luluringo Sat 01-Jul-17 22:23:38

Bit of a back story. Ttc #1 since January this year. MC in March and abortion few years back. Today my AF arrived 5 days late. Very unusual for me as I'm normally 28 days bang on. Got my hopes up, took 2 tests, both negative. Anyway, started to think about why my period would be so late and u remembered that this month I changed my conception supplement from pregnacare to seven seas. Started a bit of research and have found many cases in which seven seas has lengthened people's cycles. This then got me thinking back to past pregnancies. First pregnancy (ended in abortion) was unexpected and I wasn't on any supplements. 2nd pregancy (ended in mc) came 1 month after first ttc when u was just taking basic folic acid supplement from boots. After 5 weeks, after recommendations from midwife at pre booking appointment, I switched to pregnacare and then I had MC dated at 5+4. Perhaps it's a coincidence but I'm starting to think that these fancy supplements may not be that good for pregnancy after all.

What are other people's thoughts on this issue? I'm going to go back to basic folic acid and see if that makes a difference.

kayleigh612 Sat 01-Jul-17 22:43:58

Pregnancy care - Asda
Multi vit and a cod liver one

I swear by them had them through all my pregnancies and even took before gettin pregnant as was ttc
Got my bfp last Wednesday X

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