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How is your relationship during the 2ww?

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SpicyBeanz Sat 01-Jul-17 13:02:36

I feel like when we're actively trying during fw, things are great, I find it tiring but am happy to dtd almost every day during day 10-20, as I really want a baby. DH is happy because he's getting lots of sex (and he wants a baby too)! We seem to get on well etc, and don't really find the pressure too bad.

But after fw ends I am exhausted and sick of having sex and just want a break. I also end up symptom checking, feeling emotional, and can't tell if it's PMS or that I could be pregnant. I can't relax, and the last thing I feel like doing is having sex. DH on the other hand, who has a much higher sex drive than me in general gets used to the daily sex and wants it to continue and then can't understand why I'm not in the mood anymore. Obviously he has no physical or emotional changes from one end of the month to the next, so it feels no different for him.

Then AF arrives, I feel upset, and then start all over again, and try to be positive (for at least the fw anyway!). We've been trying for almost a year, and also had a miscarriage a couple of months ago so this doesn't help.

Just wondering how everyone else's relationships are during those 2 weeks, and do you still continue to have frequent sex?

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