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Extremely feint line or are these bad tests?

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Snowdog37 Wed 28-Jun-17 13:39:18

I got this result on the new curved frer and then found out they are notoriously bad for showing false lines. This was taken just after the 10 minute time frame. I'm sure I see something especially on invert. I just don't want to get my hopes up. What do you think?

cookielove Wed 28-Jun-17 13:40:34

I can see it on the invert too!! Wait a few days then test again!

MsWanaBanana Wed 28-Jun-17 13:46:22

Doesn't look like it to me but best to wait a few days and try again. Good luck

TaintedButterfly Wed 28-Jun-17 18:03:03

I saw a line on the first one straight away, I normally have to squint. Good luck Hun xx

Cookie1831 Wed 28-Jun-17 20:59:24

I can see in both smile

Vicsteur81 Wed 28-Jun-17 21:31:43

I can see it. When is af due?

Pastaagain78 Wed 28-Jun-17 22:09:38

I see it on both.

Snowdog37 Wed 28-Jun-17 22:32:51

I'm on a medicated cycle and took that test yesterday at 7dp5dt which is equivalent to 12dpo. So it's very light if it is positive, which is a little worrying. Af would be due in 2-3 days but won't come until I stop the progesterone. I'm hoping I had some lazy embryos that took their time implanting. I had 2 5 day blasts transferred late afternoon on the 20th.

Snowdog37 Sat 01-Jul-17 04:12:39

Turns out it was a bfp 😊

dperkins64013 Sat 01-Jul-17 10:10:55

Congratulations! X

Pastaagain78 Sat 01-Jul-17 10:42:41

Lovely news! Congratulations

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