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Wondering if I'm pregnant and kind of worried (not ready for a third yet).

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QuackPorridgeBacon Mon 26-Jun-17 17:06:07

Ok so I track me periods, and have done for months so know roughly when I'm in the middle of my fertile window. Stupidly had unprotected spontaneous sex, checked my app the next day and yep right bang in the middle of my fertile window. Cycle day 20 it was. I'd had egg white mucous before hand so I'm pretty sure I ovulated when I had unprotected sex.

I rang doctors and managed to get a morning after pill, managed to get it and take it around 5pm (think we had sex around midnight so about 10 hours later?) the more days go by the more I'm confused. I have cramps and started to get them around 5 days ago.. about 2 days ago I kept getting that "let down" feeling in my breasts they are also somewhat achy. I'm convincing myself that I could be pregnant.

I also think last time I took the morning after pill I bled a few days after but assumed it was just my period (this was way before I started actually tracking). I've also read that if the egg has already been fertilised then the morning after pill will not stop the pregnancy (as it's not an abortion pill, which is why I am worried) I have quite a creamy cervical mucus, and I'm hoping it's normal for my period showing up and I'm extremely annoyed at myself that from having two kids and years of periods, I can't seem to remember the normality of my CM!

I really hope we aren't pregnant as now isn't a good time and we definitely want a third just not right now. I don't know what to do. Partner is on board and is happy to have a third if I am pregnant although we would both much rather this wasn't the case, if we are pregnant then that is that so to speak. Thechild will be loved and adoption isn't an option it's just such bad timing lol.

Anyone have the feelings I'm feeling and end up pregnant, or did your period show?

QuackPorridgeBacon Mon 26-Jun-17 17:07:02

My, not me. blush apologies for any more typos.

QuackPorridgeBacon Mon 26-Jun-17 18:35:08


petitdonkey Mon 26-Jun-17 18:37:43

I can't help you much but my third was after the MAP.... all you can do now is wait and see..... sorry, said I wouldn't help but didn't want your post to go unanswered!

Eggbert3 Mon 26-Jun-17 18:45:15

Can't really help but feeling the same! Had unprotected sex in what I thought was a safe week, just a few days before period was due. Said period still hasn't arrived 11 days later. Don't really feel pregnant and no symptoms but worried I could be if I ovulated late and really bad timing as I start a new job for one year in September... so I'll be waiting to see along with you I expect!

QuackPorridgeBacon Mon 26-Jun-17 19:46:07

Petit you have actually helped a lot. At least now I know it is possible to get pregnant even after taking the MAP.

Egg I start college in September, I already have to take three days off every 12 weeks for hospital visits for the youngest. Having to give birth and take time to recover will be taking the piss slightly. If I fell pregnant closer to finishing college I would be fine to take two ears out before uni. The timing is awful and we really don't want a third right now. No way out of it though if I am sad

QuackPorridgeBacon Mon 26-Jun-17 19:46:41


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