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2ww#3 - hope, hormones and help

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lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:19:30

I think the last thread was full. I hope you all find this one!

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:20:57

@blueskys87 @rhibee29

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:21:52

@jords0105 @littlemimosa

Mrsjones17 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:22:48

Can I join?
TTC #1
Cycle 7
4 dpo

Got everything crossed

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:24:03

@melodypond17 @Viletta @sarah2209 @weasledee

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:24:38

Welcome @Mrsjones17. of course you can!

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:24:42

Welcome @Mrsjones17. of course you can!

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:26:14

@plaintomatopasta @youcantarguewithstupid

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:30:19

Sorry Mrs Jones... the last thread was full and we haven't been able to post so trying to let the regular posters know where we've moved. You are more than welcome to join.... My stats: 37, ttc #1, cycle 5 and CD 19... think I ovulates CD 16 but I had an early miscarriage last cycle so sitting this month out and not testing and checking as usual. normal.

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:33:55

@shredtheevidence @kitkat321 @katiegd

McTufty Sun 25-Jun-17 12:36:55

Can I also join if there's room for one more?
TTC #1
Cycle 2
Day 3

Recently off pill and had a 3 day luteal phase for my first period so still waiting for my body to adjust and not holding out much hope for this cycle, so focussing really on charting for my first proper cycle.

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage lisara flowers

Melodypond17 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:55:29

Thanks for tagging me smile

Smiley ovulation face today so I guess the tww officially starts tomorrow x

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:00:40

Hi @mctufty of course... Welcome and thank you... it takes a cycle or two to adjust but I guess if you're dtd at the right times you still have a chance! I am feeling relatively positive, despite the miscarriage... it was my first ever pregnancy and cycle 4 so didn't take too long, even at my age... i guess miscarriage is more common as you get over 35 but I pleased we managed to conceive so all positive really.

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:02:35

Hi @melodypond17 glad you made it! good luck for this month... look forward to watching the 2ww craziness commence... I'm out of it this month but will look forward to joining the symptom spotting again next month!

EMHW123 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:16:06

Hey can I join?

Got my static smiley yesterday after 5 days of flashing. Shagged yesterday and this morning. Now the wait.....

Age 34
Cycle 10

Fingers crossed for a lucky thread 🍀

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:41:03

@EMHW123 welcome! yes... previous threads of this group have been quite lucky. Let's hope it stays that way! Good luck to you. We'll look forward to the symptom spotting!

RhiBee29 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:41:24

I've been looking for you! Just left epu as had bleeding and cramps since last night. Need to ring at 4.30 for blood results if hcg is over 1000 they'll book me a scan if under 1000 I have to go back on Tuesday to see if hcg is rising. Scary times!

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 13:48:39

@Rhibee... stay positive... I was in same position but by the time I was at epu I was showing negative on urine tests... until that point, they were relatively positive so obviously it's not always bad news... I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you. Let us know how it goes xxx

RhiBee29 Sun 25-Jun-17 14:00:58

Thanks @lisara79 I'm an emotional wreck. The urine test was positive and cervix closed so I'm just praying all turns out ok x

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Sun 25-Jun-17 14:04:48

Hello.may I join please? I believe I ovulate yesterday but do have ewcm today so.who knows. Dtd quite a but this week so keeping everything crossed! My slip in another dtd tonight and tomorrow on the safe side!


Age 31
Cycle 5
Bfp due 7th July

katiegd Sun 25-Jun-17 14:25:36

Hi all. Thanks Lisara for starting the new thread. Glad to hear you're feeling ok.

I am:
Age 32
TTC #1
Cycle 10 (ish)
Trying for about 18 months in total but due to DP health issues last year we couldn't hs on many cycles. Been pretty much sorted and back to normal since Feb.

I'm 10 dpo with AF due around 29th/30th. I am lucky to have short, regular cycles (26 days) but not a sniff of a BFP yet.

katiegd Sun 25-Jun-17 14:31:43

Sorry to hear things are worrying right now rhi, really hope you get good news from tests.

cannonball8726 Sun 25-Jun-17 14:49:23

Hey, all! Can I join please?

TTC #1
Cycle 4
Due AF this Friday 30th

lisara79 Sun 25-Jun-17 15:28:36

Hi everyone and welcome!! It's good to have some new people to share with.... @katiegd... not long until af really!! good luck... @rhibee29 the fact that urine test was positive is a good sign... I can imagine how you feel and I'm sorry you are going through this... let us know how the results turn out. Be thinking of you x

Melodypond17 Sun 25-Jun-17 15:47:26

Fingers crossed for you @RhiBee29 x

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