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Recurrent Mc - Anyone been to the Warwick Implantation clinic?

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Buddah101 Wed 21-Jun-17 10:24:08

This past week Ive just had my 6th Mc. I found out i was pg a few weeks ago and desperately wanted to write on here as I couldn't bring myself to even tell my partner. Well My doubts were right anyway and after an epu trip there was no heartbeat but was measuring at 6 weeks, a day later it stated and I honestly think this has been the worst mc I've endured to the amounts lost etc. (trying not to make you all feel sick!)

So yesterday was my 2nd scan and I was told to come along anyway, I burst out crying at the desk telling them I didnt need a scan and was ushered into the room to see a lovely doctor. She brought up the name of this clinic and told me al about it, how they check the lining of the womb and if found to have NK cells they would provide steroids for me to take. Ive not told dp about any of this yet, his father is terminally il and hes stressed enough with that right now, this would push him over the edge, so I've just got on with it on my own for the past couple of weeks.

Just wondering if anyone had advice on this clinic, it would be a huge drive for me and would cost around £400 i think she said, the results aren't always guaranteed, I could be told its nothing to do with my cells, and I would have wasted my time and money.

physicskate Wed 21-Jun-17 19:13:53

You should be referred by your gp to recurrent miscarriage clinic on the NHS where they would run the same sorts of tests... no need to travel that far and no need to fork over money after what is undoubtedly already traumatic. You're vulnerable right now. Seek gp support.

Hugs. Wish it wasn't so shit...

fmeitshot Wed 21-Jun-17 19:58:18

Hello there. I'm so sorry for your losses. flowers

I went after my fourth, and have had two more since then. Unfortunately there really are no guarantees; it might or might not "help" depending on what they find wrong.

However, there's some informal evidence that being cared for by a miscarriage clinic can improve your feeling of wellbeing.

They can do scans whenever you need them, reassure you or answer questions - that sort of thing. The nursing team were friendly. Professor Quenby is lovely, very brisk but great. Professor Brosens is nice too.

You shouldn't have to pay unless you have the womb biopsy, which isn't step 1 (that's 16 or so blood tests if I'm remembering it right).

Do take care of yourself - I'm so sorry you can't talk to your partner either right now. That must be extra tough.

Buddah101 Thu 22-Jun-17 11:09:23

Thankyou both for replying - sorry I didnt make it clear I was at the RMC clinic already, was referred to them in December last year and have been under them ever since, But i have to agree they have been amazing with me, havent obviously given me the answers I want but still credit where its due they are a fab bunch of people!

This was actually the first doctor there that had mentioned the new test available although she did say it wasn't free on the nhs due to research trials but I was more than eligible to be referred to it if I wanted or I could call myself and refer myself.

I've had all the blood tests you can imagine, they have all come back normal, the only 1 i'm waiting for it the cryo (havent a clue how you spell it! - but the genetics one) My heads a mess because it is quite a lot of money t us but would possibly rule something out, It was the womb biopsy I have been referred for as I mentioned above all the other blood tests have been done and show nothing at all wrong. So why my pathetic body didn't get the memo i dont know!

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