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Anyone else testing this weekend?

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Lalalax3 Tue 13-Jun-17 17:12:27

Hey all, 8 dpo here with bulging veiny boobs, vivid dreams and areolas the size of dinner plates! Testing on Sat and a bit anxious about it, I miscarried at 11 weeks in April.

BunsOfAnarchy Tue 13-Jun-17 17:17:10

So sorry about April. But yes I'm due this weekend. It's such a depressing long wait.

Lalalax3 Tue 13-Jun-17 17:19:30

I can't stop examining my boobs for new veins. Husband got a tit pic from me while working at The British Library today and had to hide his phone quick!

Lalalax3 Tue 13-Jun-17 17:22:18

Am currently on bus to uni class thinking obsessive thoughts about my breasts. 'Oooh, was that a twinge? Now righty aches. C'MON RIGHTY!'

Pinkemi Tue 13-Jun-17 17:23:38

I am also due to test this weekend. AF is due either Sat (according to Clue) or Sunday (according to Ovia.)

I am home alone this weekend so part of me doesn't want to test.. but at the same time.. I WANT TO TEST NOW! grin

sounds promising though the symptoms you are having @mrsgembles!

Lalalax3 Tue 13-Jun-17 17:24:44

Yeah, and this would be my third pregnancy (one DS, one miscarriage) so I do know how my body reacts. But I dunno, the stakes feel higher since April.

Sazwest Tue 13-Jun-17 18:04:22

I'm 7dpo and due to test either Monday or Tuesday. I had tingly nipples yesterday and my boobs were hurting earlier but seemed to have settle down now. I got like a stabbing pain that lasted about 1-2 minutes about 4:30 to the left of my belly button but down a bit. Xx

splendidsqueak7 Tue 13-Jun-17 19:15:06

I've had what I think is an implantation bleed....will test at the weekend if af is still a no-show!

BunsOfAnarchy Wed 14-Jun-17 07:34:07

I'm losing my mind.

So I'm testing this weekend but last 3 days I've had proper period cramps (a week earlier than normal and my cycle is bang in the same each month) and they're getting progressively worse.

Sitting on hands to stop myself testing but not only did period type cramps convince me I'd got AF, I woke up this morning to yet another vivid "omg wow 2 lines I'm gonna be a mama" dream. That's 2 days in a row.

No period. So like Yeh. How to wait another 4 days to another BFN. Ugh. Why is conceiving such an absolute mess of emotion

Pinkemi Wed 14-Jun-17 08:54:42

So I have a confession to make.. woke up this morning and thought sod it. I bought those early detection tests for a reason.. I'm going to damn well use them! And with my morning pee.. it should be even more accurate! (Waits 3 minutes.) BFN.! GAH!!

BunsOfAnarchy Wed 14-Jun-17 09:02:17

Oh no @Pinkemi damn those BFN''s!

Pinkemi Wed 14-Jun-17 09:15:50

Stupid of me really.. I should have known better eh.

Lalalax3 Wed 14-Jun-17 09:20:20

I woke up feeling sick after a particularly vivid dream. Had to tell myself out loud 'DO NOT PEE ON A STICK'

MissWitch Wed 14-Jun-17 19:33:57

Hi all! I'm in the same boat. TTC #3 on cycle 1 and a bit- we started trying as soon as I got coil removed on 4th May but AF arrived on 13th so must have missed my window.

Not sure what my cycle length is at the moment due to recently having had my copper coil removed. It's anywhere between 28-36 days confused I'm currently on day 32 I think. I tested a couple of days before and at 28 days and again this morning with cheap B&M tests but they were all BFN. Feeling a bit miserable today as I've been headachy for the last week or so and been really dizzy today (I almost passed out at the gym this morning and I've been light headed every time I stand up), but I'm not sure if it's just due to the heat. I had dizziness and headaches early on with both of my previous pregnancies so hoping it's a sign. I've also had mildly sore boobs and been starving for the last week but can't remember if I always get that when AF is due. I'm going to try to hold out until the weekend to test again based on AF being late after 36 days. I just hate the waiting and not knowing!

Pinkemi Thu 15-Jun-17 09:27:14

@MissWitch welcome to the gang! smile Sorry to hear you are feeling dizzy though!

TheGrumpySquirrel Thu 15-Jun-17 11:17:11

Hi guys I'm 8dpo today and will be testing lots over next few days.. obviously been already testing on the cheap strip tests and getting shiny white BFNs! I just have this feeling like it hasn't worked, I've had various symptoms including vivid dreams and vague nausea / lack of appetite but who knows. Boobs feel heavy but not tender. I had a MMC at 10 weeks exactly a month ago - really want to get pregnant again asap 🤞🏼

TheGrumpySquirrel Thu 15-Jun-17 11:17:51

CM has dried up slightly which I think is a bad sign..

Pinkemi Thu 15-Jun-17 11:35:41

@TheGrumpySquirrel mine has too.. sad So now I am dreading Saturday or Sunday for when AF comes to stay.

MissWitch Thu 15-Jun-17 12:07:52

Thanks @pinkemi feeling a lot better today but woke up with a splitting headache. It's tooo hot! Fingers crossed for everyone this weekend. It's cruel that PMS symptoms are the same/very similar to pregnancy symptoms. Feel like I'm going a bit loopy with all of it.
Sorry about your MMC @TheGrumpySquirrel, heavy boobs are a good sign but if you can help it try not to test yet. I made that mistake this time and every time I've had a BFN I've felt crap all day.

mumbanator Thu 15-Jun-17 12:18:47

Hello please can I join? Coil came out last month so first cycle, AF due on Sunday but couldn't control POAS tendency and had a BFN today - but still hoping!

MissWitch Thu 15-Jun-17 12:36:53

Hi @mumbanator did you have the copper or mirena coil?

DaisyLou85 Thu 15-Jun-17 21:47:39

Hi all can I join? Ttc #2 had msc at 9 weeks in April then chemical last month. Hence I am holding out to test this month. Today is cd33 and either 16/17dpo. Trying to hold off till Saturday. Symptoms include mild nausea, pulling pains in groin area, increased appetite (ate my lunch at 9.30 this morning) and possible bigger boobs but not sure on that one!
Good luck to all POAS this weekend x

mumbanator Thu 15-Jun-17 23:42:44

Hi @misswitch it was the copper coil - only had it removed last month but I was still hoping for a miracle!

MissWitch Fri 16-Jun-17 17:49:18

I had my copper coil removed on 4th May. I missed my window then though as I came on on the 13th.

AF has arrived full force today so I won't be testing this weekend after all. I conceived first time with both my previous pregnancies so was hoping it'd be the same this time. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I recently had a laparoscopy (when I had my coil out). Maybe I'm still not fully healed or maybe it just wasn't my month. Can't help feeling disappointed though. Good luck to everyone else testing this weekend!

BunsOfAnarchy Fri 16-Jun-17 22:50:48

@mumbanator AF on Sunday for me too! This week has been the most emotionally draining week ever. My bathroom bin is full of cheap amazon strip tests, super drug, morrisons, sainsbury and Co op own brand tests and I now have 2 clear blue digitals in my wardrobe that I'll only use if I get a positive on a cheap test.....if I can control my urges to POAS. Might just have to give ttc a miss next month so I can give my head a break from the turmoil I've put it through this week. I feel like such a dickhead. And I'm so disappointed. Ugh stupid body.

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