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Channel 4 - how to stay well (sperm count)

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lorrimay Mon 12-Jun-17 20:56:29

Currently watching the show now. Hope anyone reads this doesn't mind me adding this as I'm currently ttc.

They've said that the type of underwear men wear can affect fertility.

Men who wear loose boxer shoes have the highest sperm counts as there area stays cooler.

Men who wear tight pants can have reduce sperm count as it pulls the testicles closer to the body and the heat can affect the sperm count and mobility

Just in case anyone's man wear tight tight pants and it helps.

littlemimosa Mon 12-Jun-17 21:45:20

Thanks for the heads up. Have recorded it to watch later.

Tighty whities are no good for sperm and laptops on laps and phones in pockets have the same negative effect apparently. Oh and saunas and hot tubs too. Any direct heat really.

lorrimay Mon 12-Jun-17 22:08:33

Was just thinking all the stuff us women do with opks and fretting, stressing, analysing.

Get those men to let all hang loose grin

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