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5 days late 3 negative tests

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beckypirie94 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:40:28

Me and my partner are ttc. i have regular cycles and have never missed a period except when i was pregnant with my son. i am now 5 days late and have done tests on 1 day late, 3 days late and today and they are all negative. i have a doctors app in 2 days (when it will be 7days) but I'm worried that will be negative too. Has anyone ever had lots of negative tests and a negative at the doctors and still been preg? Also if this has happened to you when did you finally get a positive? Could there be another reason for my missed period? Please help I'm trying to stay hopeful smile Thanks in advance

ShowOfHands Mon 12-Jun-17 20:44:01

There's at least a thread a week with the same problem. It's nearly always delayed ovulation or anovulation. It's unlikely the GP will do anything other than suggest a wait and see approach.

There is an outside chance of pregnancy of course but with negative tests, sadly I think it's likely just a blip. I hope I'm wrong.

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