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I know I'm being daft but...

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FuckMyUterus Wed 07-Jun-17 07:00:50

So! Normally have bang on 29 day cycles every month but this month I'm now on CD34. I was SUPPOSED to ovulate around CD13 but I didn't really stick to opks this month, and I'm suspicious that I may have ovulated late. I had EWCM FROM CD16 through to CD25 so it really could be anytime. Tests are negative, is it normal that ovulating late should throw out AF?? Here's this morning's test so defo not pregnant

passmethewine123 Wed 07-Jun-17 08:27:02

Yes if you ovulate your period will also be late. Generally the luteal phase (length of time from ovulation to period) stays the same, regardless of when you ovulate smile

FuckMyUterus Wed 07-Jun-17 13:09:37

Ah Okay, thank you! Still got my hopes up though sad

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