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Opk positive?

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HollyWollyDooDah Thu 01-Jun-17 01:26:09

Ok so I know opk is rubbish and doesn't always give an accurate reading however, today I got this (see pic)

I've never had two lines - ever! I tested every day for three months and didn't get a line atall

I have pcos and endo and have been ttc for just over two years now
Got bloods next week but do you think this is +ve? Not sure

Tia x

ScarletSienna Thu 01-Jun-17 01:56:19

It isn't as the test line needs to be at least as dark as the control line. I would test twice a day for the next few days though!

JoJoSM2 Thu 01-Jun-17 05:56:36

Have you asked your doctor for Clomid or something else to help you ovulate? Otherwise, it seems a bit hard to get pregnant if you don't ovulate for months at a time :S I hope the line gets stronger. Good luck!

HollyWollyDooDah Thu 01-Jun-17 07:11:15

I'm waiting for referral to the fertility clinic x

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