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melissacx9 Wed 31-May-17 17:31:25

I'm so confused!!!

So not to drip feed; my son is 4 months old and exclusively breast fed, and I'm currently using OPKs in an attempt to track whether/when my fertility/cycle comes back and also for conception purposes. I am on the pill, but I was also on the pill (& I swear I didn't miss one!!) when I got pregnant, so I don't trust it 😂, and my son has been sleeping through the night since he was about 8 weeks old (about 9/10hrs) & I'm aware breastfeeding isn't a reliable source of contraception when there's such a long gap between feeds.

SO - prior to today, the OPKs I've taken have been completely blank. However, yesterday I got a faint line, and today I got a stronger line, although it still isn't really strong.

My question is, if I'm starting to get these faint lines on OPKs, does this mean that my fertility is starting to return, and my body is beginning to go 'back to normal'? Or does it mean nothing at all until you get the strong line to say that you're having an LH Surge?

Thanks in advance for your help & apologies for dragging this question out! smile

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