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Can you ovulate without EWCM?

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sallywiththegoodhurr Tue 30-May-17 10:24:14

Every month without fail I get lots of EWCM before ovulation and ovulation pain - I've had a + OPK the past 2 months when the pain began.

This month, nothing! No EWCM, no pain.
I've had mega sore nipples this past week so I'm wondering if I O'd with no EWCM? I didn't do any OPK because I usually start them when the appears hmm

If I assumed I just didn't O this month but the nipple thing has thrown me?

Flashinthepan Tue 30-May-17 10:28:57

Can't help but in a similar position!

Suddenly on CD11 I had really sore nipples, having had no sign of EWCM, and not normally ovulating until CD13 at least.

3 days lates, nipples are still really painful, boobs also tender, so assuming ovulation has happened.

Maybe someone else can enlighten us!

Littleonek Wed 31-May-17 17:53:11

You might be late! I was meant to overlate last week. Had no discharge, been doing the clear blue ovulation tests this month.

Got some discharge yesterday so got excited and confused. And this morning my clear blue test said im not in my fertility week. One week late and I had a super long period 10 days this month.

I would suggest waiting and seeing if u get any discharge in the next few days and do some ovulation tests to see.

It can take up to a year after stopping the pill to overlate normally again. For me its been 6 months and had two periods so far.

Littleonek Wed 31-May-17 17:54:28

Mistyped clear blue today said i WAS in my fertility time. So waiting to see over the next few days if it turns to overlate.

MoonlightMojitos Wed 31-May-17 18:09:20

I never had ewcm, tried taking epo I and supplements to help. Got 2 bps (1st one sadly ended in mc) but I have birth 11 days ago to my 2nd bfp so yes you can smile. Good luck

sallywiththegoodhurr Wed 31-May-17 20:46:05

Huge Congratulations @MoonlightMojitos! 

Thank you @Littleonek, I've not been on the pill (not for a very long time anyway) and always get the same symptoms without fail, I'm now on cd 23 now of a 35 day cycle so could well just be delayed.

It was the nipple thing that threw me! I've got mega sore bullet nipples blushconfused and that only ever happens after O or if I'm pregnant. (I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant!)

MoonlightMojitos Thu 01-Jun-17 11:39:17

Just seen how many spelling mistakes in my post, that's sleep deprivation 😂. Sounds promising but try not to symptom spot too much! Good luck!

Flashinthepan Thu 01-Jun-17 12:07:49

Sally me too.

I also have LP spotting, which has been going on since the day my nipples started hurting. No idea what is going on!

Hopefully just a random cycle for us both.

user1490285009 Thu 01-Jun-17 20:35:24

I had the same problem. I was trying to TTC baby 1, so quite a novice. But following advice online people suggest using OPK and tracking EWCM. But my EWCM arrived without a positive OPK. 5 days later by EWCM was reducing but OPK was positive. So I don't really know when I ovulated. I did conceive that month but It just added stress to the whole situation for me. I think next time I'm trying to TTC I will just follow my EWCM. Peeing on sticks just confuses me. Good luck x

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