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Anyone take longer to get pregnant after mc

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iecgi Tue 30-May-17 07:23:40

So I have 5 dc we had a mmc in may last year thought we were done after babba 5 but our lo we lost was a little surprise anyway all of our dc where conceived 1st month we tried or I missed a pill so I'm really struggling with ttc (yes I know I've been incredibly lucky) so we started trying August and have had the odd month off trying when it's all got too much and we had a bfp Feb but I miscarried a few days later and then nothing again since. My periods are pretty regular as they where before now but they did start off closer together about 25 days... a bit worries my hormones might be off kilter and that why it's taking longer been reading about low progesterone and have a few symptoms just wondered of this might have happened to anyone and what was the outcome? Worried mother nature might be putting her foot down this time 😕

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