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Clearblue/Lloyds/superdrug False positive

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Hotpinkangel19 Tue 30-May-17 00:00:20

I've had these myself, and it worries me, I've been thinking, suppose you get a line, and it's the only test you get. It's a false positive but you don't know that. You book in at docs who give you booking details for midwife etc, no issues in early pregnancy. Come the 12 week scan, no sign of a pregnancy. It's awful. I guess you should always double/triple check.

lookatthemoon Tue 30-May-17 02:12:34

I've had false positives with clearblue 😡 but the line was so faint that I would have always re-tested anyway!

Oysterbabe Tue 30-May-17 06:45:29

I guess your period would give it away?

MaisyPops Tue 30-May-17 06:51:34

I thought a false positive was rare and usually happened when there was a chemical pregnancy so conception occurred but it wasn't viable.
Then you'd have your period as usual, but because you tested early and knew then some view it as a miscarriage.

This may sound insensitive (sorry if it does, it's not intended that way), but I've seen quite a few threads online with people posting images of tests and asking if people see feint lines. Loads of people say they do and I've not been able to see them. Is there a chance that because somebody wants something so much, they actively convince themselves they've seen one?

fluffykitties Tue 30-May-17 10:52:16

I have to agree with you completely! I'm getting a bit sick and tired of seeing people claiming they see a line and saying congrats really early convincing the person they are pregnant! Then when they get their period they think they had a miscarriage. I'm sure that really doesn't help the stress levels and then that actually affects the chance of getting properly pregnant confused

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