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Anyone had positive OPK two days AFTER their ewcm peak?

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PoppyJ1 Mon 29-May-17 16:46:01


I had very confusing signals this month from cervical mucus and Clearblue OPKs.

DP and I had sex on Monday morning, got egg white cm that evening and much more of it on Wednesday. Thursday I had sharp O pains and cm was creamy white indicating O had already taken place. Then I got solid smiley (positive OPK) on Friday, indicating I would O on Saturday, by which time I'd had three days of post-fertile CM! DP went away on business Tuesday morning so no sex since the Monday.

Anyone had this before or have a view on which is more indicative of ovulation timing, CM or OPK?

Poppy x

PoppyJ1 Wed 31-May-17 16:36:27

Bump? 😳

LoveRainbow02 Wed 31-May-17 17:46:35

I tend to get lots of ewcm couple of days before a peak test and only a small amount on my actual peak day. It's very confusing!
I also tend to see ewcm round about the time my period is due also.

PoppyJ1 Wed 31-May-17 18:20:31

Thanks so much for your reply! So confusing! I guess I will have to wait; I'm now either 7-8 dpo or 4 dpo and mentally noted every twinge. I do feel a bit like the way I did before BFPs in my previous pregnancies (both ended in MCs) in terms of being emotional, not wanting to exercise and a bit twingy. Fingers crossed!

LoveRainbow02 Wed 31-May-17 18:26:53

Sorry to hear you have suffered mcs. I've been ttc for over 2 years now and managed to concieve January but mc at 8 weeks. It's truly a heartbreaking thing to go through.
I'm currently waiting on IUI starting sometime in July/august. Have unexplained infertility.
It's hard not to symptom spot isn't it?
I'm due af on Monday and only thing I have felt is slight sharp pains on right side but other than that nada! Very best of luck to you.

PoppyJ1 Wed 31-May-17 19:56:09

Sorry to hear about your MCs too, Rainbow. It really is heartbreaking. I read about how it's often described as "loss of innocence" the realisation that something so awful can happen. For weeks I felt like the lights had gone out on me and I was standing behind a glass wall. But we bounce back and learn to hope again. Statistically we are likely to get there in the end.

Two years; what a devastating roller coaster for you. Wishing you baby dust and a sticky pregnancy next time.

I also have some side pain which is not like ovulation pains or AF! We could be on to something here!x

LoveRainbow02 Wed 31-May-17 20:26:56

Yes you are right we do bounce back. Nothing else for it I suppose.

I'm not thinking too much into the pains, swore this cycle I wouldn't over analyse. Ive been keeping myself busy and if af shows then so be it.

Hoping we get our bfps soon 😊

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