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Using OPK for the first time

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MaisyPops Sun 28-May-17 17:24:40

It turns out that despite what you get told at school, making a baby really isn't as simple as not preventing. We've not used any contraception for almost a year. We used a fertility tracker loosely but it's not really happened yet.

So we tried an OPK and thought we'd start using them but according to the first test we did we got the positive OPK on day 11 of my cycle.

It's good to know because it means we've been doing our more proactive trying too late in the cycle. But I'm still a bit worried.

Is this normal? Is it OK? Is it likely to make it more difficult to get a BFP?

LoveRainbow02 Sun 28-May-17 18:20:11

I agree! School made it sound as if the minute you have sex you get pregnant lol. Sadly not the case!
I have been off contraceptives for over 2 years now. Conceived in December last year but miscarried at 8 weeks then had a chemical 2 weeks ago. I wasn't using opks when I first conceived but started using then recently. They do help pinpoint things a lot better but I've stopped using them again as I was obsessing.
Have you seen a doc about been ttc for so long?

DoubleHelix79 Sun 28-May-17 18:27:51

Ovulating on day 11 is considered pretty normal I believe. Many women ovulate a few days before or after the 'average' day 14. The only timing issue I'm aware of is having too few days between ovulation and first day of period, as that might not allow enough time for implantation. I forgot what the 'minimum' is - I think it was 10.

MaisyPops Sun 28-May-17 20:29:58

Thank you both. That's reassuring. We really wanted to avoid going too much down the tracking path but maybe we need to do it a bit more to check if I am just ovulating earlier regularly.

And the school thing is so true. It reminds me of this.

Due to working away there was a couple of months where we weren't baby making as much as we should so we're going to give it until a year and a bit before going to the Dr because we know a couple of months were written off.
Hopefully a but more sex earlier in my cycle should fix it.
You've both given me hope.

DoubleHelix79 Sun 28-May-17 22:44:06

Best of luck MaisyPops! I'm 37 and when I used opks I conceived twice on the first try (one mc, then DD). Before that we'd not really timed it for a few months and I found it reassuring to have some data, and at least a little bit of control. I also used the Glow fertility tracking app and found that quite useful.

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