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Bleeding after orgasm

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WeasleyWoman Sat 27-May-17 20:35:23

I have posted other threads over the week as have been on a little early pregnancy rollercoaster of bfps, bleeding, blood tests and today the gp telling me it was an early loss as my hormone levels are super low at 94. This is sad but not the end of the world I will ttc next cycle. But I have just realised a pattern to my bleeding and am full of new questions. I have had three short but substantial bleeds (more than just when you wipe but not continuous like a period) each one is almost immediately after I orgasm. I say that and not sex as I was (ahem) going soloblush and there was no penetration (kept my knickers on). I know that is way too much info but I have no one to share with and am full of questions! Is this common? Is my cervix just knackered after 2 kids and can't cope any more?

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