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BFP 10dpo???

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Catdogcat Sat 27-May-17 18:33:12

So yesterday I got what I think is a BFP on a first response.

Slightly worried as it seems quite dark for this early on. Do you think it could be faulty??

MmmMalbec Sat 27-May-17 18:36:15

I think that's really unlikely. Did you ovulate sooner? Or maybe twins.... congratulations!

Catdogcat Sat 27-May-17 18:38:50

No, I'm pretty sure when ovulated as i was charting.

Could be twins, I'm a twin and my great grandma was a twin. I have a 1 year old so that's be fun!

Chattycat78 Sat 27-May-17 21:14:57

I got massively dark bfps on around cd33 (prob around 14dpo) and it was twins.

The only type of twins which are heredity are non identical ones though (my maternal grandma was a non identical twin). Identical ones are completely random.

Catdogcat Sat 27-May-17 21:17:27

Sorry yes should have said, both sets of non identical twins.

It was my maternal great grandma.

I didn't get a BFP with my daughter until I was 16dpo.

Chattycat78 Sat 27-May-17 21:22:21

It's definitely possible then. I found out there were two when I had a scan at 6 weeks at Epu after bleeding and was told there were two sacs! I also had a one year old too (well he was 10 months). I had HG until around 15 weeks because my hormone levels were so high. It was awful.

Sadly, one of my twins didn't make it, but I now have 2 boys with a 17 month age gap between them!

Catdogcat Sat 27-May-17 21:25:08

So sorry about your baby.

I say 1 year old, she's actually 1 at the end if June so will also have 2 under 2!

I'll update once I've had a scan to see if it is twins.

Maggy74653 Sat 27-May-17 21:29:53

Congratulations xxx

I got a BFP similar to that on FRER at 9dpo with both my pregnancies. Neither of them were twins.

Chattycat78 Sun 28-May-17 07:58:53

2 under 2 is certainly interesting!grin

Thanks- yes it was sad about the second twin, but it was just one of those things.

ImBreakingBad Sun 28-May-17 10:05:25

I got a BFP darker than yours on a pharmacy cheapie at 8dpo shock. I find out on Tuesday how many are in there! Congratulations!!

ShowOfHands Sun 28-May-17 10:09:04

HCG early in pregnancy is the same in singleton and multiple pregnancies. Strong early lines don't indicate multiples.

I tested strongly positive at 9dpo in three singleton pregnancies. Congratulations!

Chattycat78 Sun 28-May-17 13:09:45

Is that really right show?

I was getting 3+ Weeks pregnant readings on digital tests when it was impossible I was that pregnant due to when i ovulated.

Epu also told me that my hcg would be "sky high" because I was carrying twins. This was at around 5.5 weeks pregnant.

fluffykitties Sun 28-May-17 23:55:04

Congrats ! I couldn't even get a line on a frer test at 14dpo and I'm now 5 months pregnant with one baby so very possible your carrying twins ! Xx

Sheehu Mon 29-May-17 01:07:27

Always have had very similar or darker lines on frer at 10dpo (4 times - miscarried 3/4 but that's unrelated) and it was always a singleton.

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Mon 29-May-17 13:27:06

Placemarking for the twins update - how exciting!

MrsCharlieD Mon 29-May-17 19:02:55

Definitely positive! Congratulations! This was my bfp at 10dpo and it's definitely just 1 baby in there. You might have just had very concentrated urine.

Catdogcat Wed 31-May-17 16:40:27

I'm going for a scan on Thursday next week due to a high risk last pregnancy. Will update then!

ImBreakingBad Wed 31-May-17 17:10:29

Here's my BFP at 10dpo. Just found out today only one is in there grin

Viletta Wed 31-May-17 17:50:27

Looks like genuine bfp! Congratulations!!!

MissJSays Wed 31-May-17 17:54:46

Congrats! X

Catdogcat Thu 01-Jun-17 17:39:51

Ok so I've had my hcg levels checked as part of my early checks.

In 46 hours they quadrupled grin I think this is a good sticky one hopefully.

Viletta Thu 01-Jun-17 18:35:37

Great news! FX for you! Hope the pregnancy is going to be 100% healthy!

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Sun 04-Jun-17 12:04:23

Excellent news OP. I hope it all goes well for you ❤️

SpeckyB Sun 04-Jun-17 13:37:02

Following as I had a line like that on Thursday at 10dpo. I tested in the afternoon, which made it a big surprise.

Glad to hear your blood test results were so strong Catdogcat

MissJSays Thu 08-Jun-17 20:41:05

Have you had that scan yet, OP? X

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