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Newbie here, ov test advice/ positivity please!

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SophSoph92 Thu 25-May-17 19:46:55

Hi all,
Very new here!
Myself and my partner of 4 years are currently TTC. We're where we want to be in life- just bought ourselves a house, in full time employment and this is what we want smile so it's all been thought out I promise!
We've only been trying since early March and I know that a lot of people have been trying for a lot longer but thus far it's all been BFNs.
I've been feeling sick for months now, periods only lasting 2 days since I came off the pill and I now get spotting (today was brown in colour...) but yep, still negative. I must have taken about six over the past 2 months. Maybe it's just result of coming off the pill...?

I hope I'm myself myself in good stead to conceive; I've been taking folic acid, getting healthier, logging all my symptoms and all sexy time on Flo and I've just started using the ovulation tests (very faint -ve today so I'll keep going!) but I was under the impression that after coming off the pill your body is flushed with hormones and you're potentially at your most what am I doing wrong?! Also, am I the only one to get worried that there's something more seriously wrong because it's not happened yet... I don't know.I'm young in the grand scheme of things too. Just hard not to be concerned right?

I'm going to be patient and continue doing what I'm doing but I guess I'm just after any experiences or advice to be honest please!
Secondly, I have the ov tests which seem to be used by a lot of people on here (the thin strips) are they ok? or can anyone recommend better?

Sunshinesaz86 Thu 25-May-17 21:32:14

There is unlikely to be anything wrong with you especially if you've only been trying since March. It can take 6-12 months for perfectly healthy couples before they conceive sometimes longer than that.

The pill can affect your hormones and sometimes your body can take time adjusting back to normal. Sometimes what may be your normal pmt is masked by the pill also so feeling sick tired bloated cramps etc they can cause confusion and stress.

Try to relax keep doing what your doing dtd around your fertile window and fingers crossed you'll get your BFP soon. If it doesn't happen drs will only start looking into it after 12 months usually. But hopefully that will not be the case.

Good luck x

SophSoph92 Thu 25-May-17 23:07:43

Thanks so much smilesmilesmile

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