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Messed up cycle after HSG?

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Bettybecks12 Thu 25-May-17 10:51:28

Hi Ladies - has anyone experienced a totally messed up cycle after an HSG? I had mine done on 10th May, it was excrutiating and the doc basically couldn't finish it all. Still, she said she managed to take some pictures. Anyway, I've been spotting ever since, sometimes more, sometimes less and - think - I ovulated on 15th. I notice the spotting comes back / is heavier when I excercise or move around a lot. I've read it can be normal but it seems to be going on for a long time. We didn't stop ttc'ing this month so I'm going through the TWW - with that I'm trying to say that part of the spotting could be implantation but I have zero symptoms and yesterday, the flow was quite heavy. I wouldn't call it a period-like flow but a little heavier than just spotting. Any shared experiences on HSG and implantation bleed? Many thanks.

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