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First time TTC!

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LinzLinz Wed 24-May-17 21:40:40

Hi everyone I'm brand new here, I've been reading through lots of posts and wanted to introduce myself and say hi! I came off the pill about 2 weeks ago and seemed to ovulate straight away, I'm feeling really apprehensive but excited about this new adventure and can't stop thinking about it! I'd love to hear some stories of how long it took some of you to fall pregnant after coming off the pill, I've never done this before so it might take me years or it might already have happened, who knows?!

msfo Thu 25-May-17 13:53:20

Hello, there!

I was on the pill for two months before deciding that it wasn't for me and instead DH and I agreed on coitus interruptus (withdrawal or pull-out method). We actively used the latter for four months and it did the job, as DH has great self-restraint.

After those six months, and once things were finally settled, we began trying for a baby. Naive me thought it would happen instantly! Lo and behold, I was extremely upset the first cycle, as I assumed that surely because of the effort it took to avoid a pregnancy, it would have been supposedly easy to become pregnant.

5 months down the line, I finally became pregnant, but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage at 15 weeks. Now here I am again TTC. sad

Voila. Good luck to you, Linz. flowers

Remember, everyone is different, so it might happen for you sooner than later. smile

LinzLinz Thu 25-May-17 18:07:06

Thank you for your story Msfo, so sorry to hear about your loss, best of luck to you 🌸 x

MrsL2016 Thu 25-May-17 20:00:30

Hello Linz

I could have written your post. This is my first month TTC after stopping the pill too. I am about a week ahead of you and 10 dpo. I keep symptom spotting but have no idea if it is just my body adjusting to being off the pill or not.

I wish you lots of luck in your journey and hope we get our bfp's soon.

LinzLinz Thu 25-May-17 22:35:29

It's exciting times isn't it MrsL?! I'm surprised I ovulated so soon... I'm only guessing from the CM (sorry if too much info!) but I'm pretty sure that was ovulation. So basically I finished a pack on the Friday, withdrawal bleed the following Thursday until about Sunday... did the deed 😉 then seemed to ovulate on the Monday and did the deed again. So now I'm confused because if that was ovulation I'm due on my period 2 weeks earlier than I would've been if I'd have stayed on the pill 🤔 I have been having headaches, nausea and today low down mild cramps but these could all just be my body adjusting to coming off the pill! It's an exciting wait!

MrsL2016 Fri 26-May-17 17:43:44

I was just using CM to track ovulation too but there was about a week between finishing af and what I think was ovulation. Did an early test yesterday which was bfn but I will test again tomorrow since I was planning on having a few drinks on Sunday. I am also abit like you with symptom spotting as I have no idea what might be af symptoms or pregnancy symptoms. I guess time will tell. As for when to test in regards to your possible short cycle, I guess it depends how much money you want to spend on tests lol. You could start testing 14 days after ovulation and then every few days if af doesn't appear, but could get expensive.

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