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About to Start Trying, if I'm not already Pregnant

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Anzura Wed 24-May-17 19:35:47

Hi, I'm new here.
At some point in this cycle we started talking and we are going to try to conceive!!
It's exciting, but I'm scared. I have a son from my ex husband and I had to have emergency cesarean due to early meconium release and was thoroughly cleaned. I've had miscarriage since and worry if something that happened compromised my fertility. Or maybe the right time is yet to come. I tested yesterday at four days early in the middle of the day, yes I threw guidelines to the wind. I was too excited and hopeful, of course it was BFN. I told him even though I knew I did it wrong that it brought up my fears again. He said he will make sure it happens. If I'm not already pregnant we are about to start a trying to conceive journey.

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