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First period after HSG

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Luca2511 Fri 16-Mar-07 15:40:46

I have learned so much about fertility testing and this long process of TTC as a lurker, but I must now be brave and come out and ask a question : apologies for the long message.
I have a HSG on Feb 22nd - excruciatingly (sp) painful but somewhat masked by the joy of finding both tubes open.
My next AF was due Mon Mar 12 however I started cramping on the Thurs/Fri before that and Sat started the heaviest and painful period I have ever known along with night sweats. I have not managed to make if in to work this week at all due to the pain and bleeding - I saw emergency GP on Mon and was given Ponstan and Tranexamic Acid to stop the bleeding and help with the cramping. These drugs didn't touch it and I was back seeing my normal GP yesterday - he put me on progesterone tablets which thankfully have stopped the bleeding and and cramping, although I am still having the night sweats. I still feel really tender and swollen, although a lot better than earlier this week.

Is it normal for this to happen after a HSG - I've been told it could just be the dye has caused a 'flush out' with the first period - really freaking out at the moment as I have no idea what the progesterone is going to do to my cycle and my ability to continue TTC. Anyone else had this after their HSG ?

BellaBear Fri 16-Mar-07 16:25:52

Sorry, I can't help but I thought I would bump the message for you.

It sounds as if you have had an awful week, I hope things improve for you.

PinkElephant Fri 16-Mar-07 16:32:16

Luca - just had my HSG on dreading this now the whole procedure was bl*y agony!!

Luca2511 Fri 16-Mar-07 16:44:41

Pink Elephant - please keep an eye on this thread - for you I hope that this is not the norm.......

Janus Fri 16-Mar-07 17:41:51

Luca, I had an HSG about a month ago and my first period about 2 weeks ago. I noticed it was really heavy with big, big clots. It was definitely different but I did not have the major pain and sweats you mention. This is my first month of ttc for a while, hoping the flushing, etc, has helped. I also found it bloody painful and horrible and actually ended up in A&E 3 days after the procedure as I had big clots then too. Who'd be a bloody woman eh?!

FC2007 Fri 16-Mar-07 17:47:45

My HSG was a couple of years ago. i do remember having a painful period although at the time they were all pretty awaful so I had got used to severe pain.

Pink - if you are wooried do go ask your doc for tranexamic acid in advance of your period. It is best taken from the first day of bleeding. I had some in stock at home so I just took it anyway.

Luca - Unfortunately I think the pain is what they call (in the range of normal) in that some people will have little effect/pain - others will suffer terribly.

Both - Can you get your hand on any voltarol? it is stronger than nurofen/ibuprofen but cos it also helps stop the womb spasms it is a handy pain killer to have at hand. I think you can get it without prescription now

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 16-Mar-07 17:59:20

I would talk with the people who carried out the HSG x-ray; you should not have had such pain post this procedure. It is certainly not supposed to hurt like this. I am actually wondering if something else has caused this.

I would say that if periods are consistently heavy and or extremely painful then the possibility of endometriosis cannot be ruled out and therefore should be investigated further.

Luca2511 Fri 16-Mar-07 18:58:06

Thanks for all your messages...
ATM - I was diagnosed with Endo aged 19 (I am now 37) and was on the pill from age 15 until about 12 months ago when we decided to TTC - between the ages of 19 and 27 I have had 4 Laparoscopies and had had no major problems over the past couple of years. I have had a internal ultrasuond scan that showed up another cyst - I am waiting for a treatment date for this. Back seeing the consultant in a couple fo weeks - she's got some questions to answer !!!
FC - thanks for the advice re: voltarol - I'll check it out
FYI - I was taking codine phosphate for the past 2 years to help with period pain - a warning to anyone TTC and taking any opiate based pain killer - as part of my tests a blood test at the end of Dec showed that I had a significantly high level of prolactin - the hormone normally produced when breast feeding (and therefore could be a contributory factor as to why I wasn't falling pregnant). I stopped taking these over Christmas and a repeat test mid Jan showed that my prolactin level had returned to well within the normal level......maybe I was never going to get pregnant whilst taking these pain killers for two weeks ever month. Thanks so much for taking hte time to reply to my message

SunLover Sat 17-Mar-07 12:15:43

Hi. I also had my HSG at the beginning of the month and although the procedure itself wasn’t painful (my tubes are open), I had strong cramps 4 hours afterwards but that was it.
I have long cycles, 31 days on average, but this month for the first time since started ttc I had a + OPK very early on (4 days after the HSG). This, however, might be due to my PCOs and, as much as I love opks, I don’t rely too much on them anyway.
I’m expecting (dreading, I should say) my period to come any day now, will let you know if I feel anything unusual. I have to say though that I’ve been having very mild cramps for 10 days now but they are very, very mild. Don't know if they are in any way related to the procedure.

Sunshinedays Sat 17-Mar-07 18:05:33

Hi Luca
Although I didn't have severe cramps after the HSG, I had almighty pain the first period after my Lap & Dye - to the point we were contemplating A&E. (I said this to the consultant at a follow up meeting & he said that it is comman. Great. I could have been warned)

From a laymans point of view I can't see the progesterone tabs being that great idea for long - it makes the body think it is in the second have of the cycle, pre period.
Have you called the clinic that did the HSG? I've become quite cynical about the med profession... and doubt your GP knows the detail you need at the mo.
I note your email was sent yesterday... I do hope you are feeling a lot better today.
Take care, Sx

Luca2511 Sun 18-Mar-07 13:04:58

Thanks sunshine days - I wish I had been warned too. Just got 5 days of progesterone - will finish these tomorrow - not sure if that means I should expect another period soon - will check with the GP. I too am cynical about the med profession for a number of reasons - and will be explaining this all the the consultant (she is on holiday at the moment). GP has been fab!!!
Feel almost back to normal now - back to work tomorrow - just very weak form having done so little the past week.
Many thanks to all for your messages and info - much appreciated

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 18-Mar-07 13:22:11

Hi Luca

Your message to me explained a lot and this is probably the reason why you had such pain post the HSG:-

ATM - I was diagnosed with Endo aged 19 (I am now 37) and was on the pill from age 15 until about 12 months ago when we decided to TTC - between the ages of 19 and 27 I have had 4 Laparoscopies and had had no major problems over the past couple of years. I have had a internal ultrasuond scan that showed up another cyst - I am waiting for a treatment date for this. Back seeing the consultant in a couple fo weeks - she's got some questions to answer !!!

She certainly has some questions to answer!!. I would certainly grill the cons at some length; with 4 laps already under your belt it is likely you will need yet more surgery. Was your last lap done 10 years ago?.

Surgery can bring with it its own set of problems, not just the recovery time from same. Adhesions can be formed following any abdominal surgery. The pill no doubt kept the endo in abeyance, not terribly surprised to read therefore you did not have problems whilst you were on the pill.

You certainly need to find out what type of cyst this is and whether it is linked to your endometriosis (I say this as chocolate cysts are endo related). is a very good website to look at if you haven't come across them already.

Luca2511 Mon 19-Mar-07 15:08:39

Hi - just a quick update. Back at work today, all bleeding and cramping stopped but still feel really drained.

Quick question if anyone still out there - I am due to finish my 5 day course of progesterone (norethisterone) tonight. I understand that this puts me in the later stages of my cycle - can I expect my period to pitch up again in the next few days, like it did when I took my 7 day break between pill packets ?


Sunshinedays Mon 19-Mar-07 19:03:05

Glad you are feeling a bit better.
Don't know the answer to your question - sorry

Lovelyshe Sat 02-Jul-16 04:16:28

Had the same experience today,my HSG test was last June 8,2016 and today's my 3rd day of period,the pain & cramps is painful than before I had my HSG test.Although not as heavy as it used to be.

vanessakay Sat 08-Oct-16 09:57:57

My hsg was done on 24th and it was the worst

vanessakay Sat 08-Oct-16 10:01:14

My hsg was done on 24th sept 2016 and it was the worst experience ever,my menses came today that is four days earlier,my hsg was normal although there was more spillage on the right side than the left,anybody who became pregnant after such a result?

BloomingImpatient Mon 26-Jun-17 22:59:29

Hi Ladies,
I had my first HSG last Wednesday (5days ago) and it was awful, I've had smears and checks and ultrasounds over the years but the team carrying out the HSG we're surprised to see the pain on my face, saying 'oh, you felt everything!' Well yes, I did! Called 111 Sunday (yesterday) and they booked me in to urgent care to my local (crappy) hospital. The dr proceeded not to examine or carry out any test and just wrote me a preclscription for 'internal organ pain relief' saying that, 'when fertility dr's say it'll only cramp for around 2-3days, it's not always the case, theoretically your insides have had a bashing so anything that hats been messed with, is going to hurt'.

I can cope with the discomfort and have kept an eye of all the signs so I know it's just bad period-like pains but what's annoying me most is that, we've been TTC on and off for over two years (my husband was in an accident half way through so couldn't really TTC). The hospital (BWH) have said so far everything's fine but I'm too fat. I've got a shortened time ttc too as my only parent was diagnosed three months ago with C so everything is incredibly stressful - the point is, I've been reading on other threads about some women have been told to only a few days off TTC, but BWH have told me to wait until after my next P. Has everyone been told the same? Or are you carrying on and just having a few days off instead of the cycle?

My HSG result that they gave me there was that everything is normal, ha ha 'in every way I can tell you, you're normal' - it was a shock to be honest! Good news my Fallopian tubes and the rest of my annoying region is normal! TOH just laughed, first bit of good news and he exclaims that if they had me for another ten minutes, they'd know I'm not!! You do have to find humour in these unbearable situations.

Any advice on your HSG TTC waiting times will be massively appreciated!!

npd1980 Wed 27-Dec-17 10:33:17

I know I'm a bit late to the party here. I'm having my first period post HSG and I am experiencing awful cramping tummy, lower back, glutes and even down through my thighs and calfs. I normally have a pretty high threshold for pain but I've been feeling rotten for two days now. I'm so glad I googled because I had my suspicions it could be related to having had the HSG. I wish I had been more prepared for the unbelievable and inexplicable pain I experinced during that scan. It was just at the very end but I literally helped out loud, arrgghh! Oh well, all in the name of TTC. I've just taken 800mgs ibuprofen so hopefully that will ease this cramping. Best wishes to everyone TTC smile

npd1980 Wed 27-Dec-17 10:33:58


Misscjs2017 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:48:55

Npd1980, I experienced exactly the same during the procedure. Had to have a few days off work, I couldn't walk or sit down without being uncomfortable. I was meant to get my period yesterday but not showed up yet. I'm having a sharp pain in my right side which they said the tube was a little damaged. Does anyone know if this is normal? Thanks

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