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Is this a BFP? I sure hope so!!

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Lucy1566 Mon 22-May-17 16:06:34

Hi guys, my first post on here.
We're ttc baby number 2 after two miscarriages last year. I'm 11-12 dpo and had some pink spotting 8-9dpo.
I'm working nights at the moment. I took a test yesterday afternoon when I woke up and a very faint line appeared within the 2 minutes but it disappeared after about an hour. I tested again overnight (at work) and I'm sure that it's BFP. I've just tested again when I've got up and I'm sure that the line is there, just faint. What do you think? I'm so nervous!!
Also, my fitbit has detected a rise in hr by about 12bpm over the past few days.

PNGirl Mon 22-May-17 16:21:32

I would try a different test (digi maybe or at least a pink dye one) but it looks positive to me.

Changingagain Mon 22-May-17 16:23:47

There's definitely a line there, I wouldn't even say it's faint compared to most that people post on here.

Congratulations flowers 😀

Lucy1566 Mon 22-May-17 16:47:44

Ooh, I'm so nervous and excited. I'll get a pink one and try again in a couple of days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will stick x

Kittykat89 Mon 22-May-17 17:06:30

That's a line for sure! Congratulations! Xxx

Cakes140481 Mon 22-May-17 20:14:36

Tht looks like a pos !!!!smile

emvy Tue 23-May-17 21:19:38

I can see that without even enlarging the image! Congratulations!

Lucy1566 Tue 23-May-17 21:50:53

I did a clear blue digital this morning and it said "Not Pregnant". I'm very confused. No sign of AF yet, I'm due tomorrow so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

emvy Tue 23-May-17 22:15:05

Digital's are historically bad for picking up early pregnancies because they only test on a high level of hcg. It's not uncommon that it's showing as negative at the moment. Try another in a few days. Meantime, stick to non digits!

Viletta Tue 23-May-17 22:18:09

@Lucy1566 don't worry about the digital. Test again with the pink one. The other ones looked positive! Good luck!

Lucy1566 Tue 23-May-17 23:01:17

Thanks, I'll try again with a non digital and see how I get on x

Lucy1566 Wed 24-May-17 07:23:19

Sainsbury's own brand is a BFP! 👏👏👏

Cakes140481 Wed 24-May-17 07:24:41

Yeyyyyy !!!!!! Congratulations darling !!!

holzyb20 Wed 24-May-17 07:36:47

Yay congratulations! I got my bfp yesterday had quite a faint line but it's much darker today! 😁 x

Cakes140481 Wed 24-May-17 09:05:02

I tested this morning gt a neg on a Morrisons test which detects early .. I'm only 8 days po though so I'm hoping ... lol I cn hope .... boobs hve hurt since ov ... right one has a lump ! I feel preg but prob making it up 😂.... congrats ladies !

holzyb20 Wed 24-May-17 10:28:04

Keep positive! Cakes, I had symptoms from 6dpo everyone told me it was too early but my boobs were killing me I kept feeling so sick. The symptoms are not getting any better though.... I'm now constipated 😂 sorry TMI x

Cakes140481 Wed 24-May-17 11:41:42

When did u test positive??

holzyb20 Wed 24-May-17 12:01:44

I had a faint positive yesterday 11dpo and today it's much darker

Cakes140481 Wed 24-May-17 16:08:53

I need to wait lol
...... three days

holzyb20 Wed 24-May-17 16:11:46

I started testing from 7dpo 😂 absolute nightmare I bought myself the IC''s so I could pee away and it wouldn't matter! X

Viletta Wed 24-May-17 16:22:07

@Lucy1566 @holzyb20 congratulations!!!
@Cakes140481 too early, don't let yourself down and good luck!

Cakes140481 Thu 25-May-17 22:51:17

??? I'm posting this everywhere

Cakes140481 Thu 25-May-17 22:53:26

But Asda early test negative ... nothing not a sausage

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