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First BFN since miscarriage

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Bambi1402 Mon 22-May-17 13:00:07

Did anyone else have a mixture of emotions when they first did a HPT after their miscarriage? I'm absolutely devastated that means 100% I'm not pregnant anymore, because I still was hoping that I'd be one of the rare cases that they were wrong. Happy that it means I can try again and then guilt that I feel this way.

KoolKoala07 Wed 24-May-17 00:32:42

I had a medical miscarriage recently and was advised to test at home 2 weeks later. Test was negative which was good as meant the miscarriage was complete. But I felt really sad because it finalised the fact I'd lost our baby. And I was no longer pregnant. I also felt relieved though because my miscarriage was quite a drawn out ordeal and I felt I could move on at last.

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