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Miscarried at 15 weeks, but want to start trying again ASAP

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msfo Sun 21-May-17 00:33:14


I miscarried 4 days ago and had to undergo a D&C procedure. I bled heavily the first 2 days, but now finding that I'm no longer getting bloody discharge or anything of the sort.

Is it safe to start trying before my next menstrual period?

My miscarriage was extremely traumatic, but I would rather not dwell on it and learn to move on... And of course, I'm not replacing my first angel baby, I simply want a little one to share all this love I have.

Thank you. smile

ForeverHopeful21 Sun 21-May-17 10:14:43

Sorry for your loss flowers
As long as the docs didn't say that you couldn't ttc for whatever reason, then it's your choice and you can try again as soon as you want to.
I've read some people getting pregnant again before getting their period after MC. This didn't happen for me, but I believe it's quite common.
Good luck x

dirtygrubbybikerchick Sun 21-May-17 10:25:54

I asked a similar question of my GP and was told that there is no medical reason not to try again whenever after an MC, but that if one has had surgical management, assuming that also involved scraping the womb, then the uterine wall lining (which the fertilised embryo needs to stick to) will be thin so best waiting for at least one cycle so that the lining starts to thicken again. Here's to sticky babies smile

TeaAndPjs Tue 23-May-17 10:18:36

I'm in the exact same boat, d&c 2 weeks ago tho I'm holding off for negative hpt before I start actively trying! Almost negative, yesterday was a real squinter so heading in right direction

BertieBotts Tue 23-May-17 11:19:49

Yes, it's okay to start trying again but you should wait until the bleeding has finished before you have sex to reduce the risk of infection.

Sorry for your loss, and do join us on the TTC after miscarriage thread smile

msfo Wed 24-May-17 12:53:09

Thank you for the responses, everyone. What a lovely community.

My husband and I decided to hold off on intimacy altogether— as per our gynaecologist's recommendation — until after 4 weeks. smile

Doublechocolatetiffin Wed 24-May-17 13:10:17

msfo I'm so sorry for your loss, miscarriage is so hard, I hope you've got some good people around you to help support you. I waited until I got a bfn (which took just over 2 weeks) before trying again. I didn't have any luck that month, but I'm fairly sure I didn't ovulate as I didn't get a positive opk. I don't think there is any medical reason to wait if you don't want to.

As Bertie says I hope you and Tea, I'm also very sorry for your loss, will join us on the TTC after miscarriage thread. It's a lovely bunch of people who are very knowledgeable.

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