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11dpo - is it bfp? Need a good eye!

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user1495318633 Sat 20-May-17 23:26:40

So I'll keep it short so it doesn't get confusing!
Af is due Monday/Tuesday and I'm 11dpo. I can't decide if I've got positives or not !! It's driving me mad !!
I had a pink tinge when I wiped a week ago, thought it was weird as I never spot between periods... my last pregnancy was twins so it's hard to go by anything as that whole pregnancy was so different to when I had my singleton pregnancies !
What do you think? Are they positives ??

PhoenixMama Sat 20-May-17 23:34:46

I hate to say it but I only see one line on all of those. Maybe give it a couple of days?

kissingaprince Sat 20-May-17 23:42:48

I can see the beginnings of another line. Test again in few days. Good luck!!

fanfrickintastic Sat 20-May-17 23:43:15

I can't see anything

ProfessorPickles Sat 20-May-17 23:44:40

I can see faint lines on all three, but test again soon to make sure!

Should there be two lines on these tests or three in total?

Viletta Sat 20-May-17 23:46:13

I see the beginning of a second line but could be evap.. what test are you using? Perhaps retest with fmu?

Soph4BabesTwinMummy Sat 20-May-17 23:59:02

I have a first response to use tomorrow and a clear blue so will try again in the morning ! X

Mummyme87 Sun 21-May-17 06:20:49

I had what I can see on your FRER (assuming it's a FRER)... the start of a line at top and bottom but turned out to be an evap. Don't take it out of the case!

MmmMalbec Sun 21-May-17 06:56:34

I can see something but I wouldn't trust anything that's been taken out of the case. Test again with FMU. Fingers crossed!

MaryShelley1818 Sun 21-May-17 08:42:45

If you've removed the test from the casing it's not worth looking at as it's unreliable.
BFN at the moment so wait a few days and then retest...good luck! X

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