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Could i be pregnant?

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Happidayz Sat 20-May-17 08:01:25

Hiya ladies/gents i am hoping that maybe you might be able to help with my confusion...

My husband and i are trying to concieve via donor iui and last month used a known donor however after the proceedure he became funny and messaged saying he had changed his mind and no longer felt comfortable with it. So to my horror i had to take the morning after pill despite months of talking through everything.

This however isnt the problem 😂

The month we tried i had a late period i put it down to stress of worrying about ttc i took the morning after pill and the doctor advised me i would come on my period as normal so i had expected it to come next tuesday coming however i came on last tuesday so 3 weeks after my last period.
I thought to myself this must be to do with the morning after pill however i had very sore boobs and the early period was more like spotting i barely bled at all and it only lasted 2 and a bit days and normal menstrating for me is 5-6 days so its been a few days since i finished bleeding and my boobs are really sore still and im super tired all day have taken a test bfn so what i wondered is if anyone has experienced these symptoms after a map.

Id just love to know whats up with my cycle so we can carry on ttc now with an unknown donor hmm

MaryShelley1818 Sat 20-May-17 08:05:03

The MAP caused me very strange bleeding for a few months. Also nausea and sore boobs.

If you've taken a test and it's negative then it's unlikely you're pregnant.

Good luck x

Happidayz Sat 20-May-17 08:16:11

Thats what im hoping. Ive said to my other half i will take another test next Wednesday 1day after my expected Af just to be sure. Glad to know these symptoms can happen after the map thank you 😀

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